Posted 5th October 2019


Navigating the Kinesis Exchange, how to place trades and view transaction history.

How to place a market order trade

1. Select the Exchange tab from the left-hand navigation panel and select the currency market you wish to view by selecting the trading pair from the list of markets. (In this example, we will be trading ETH/USD)

Exchange currencies and cryptocurrencies with Kinesis

2. Toggle between buying or selling of an asset and whether you would like to place a limit or market order. (In this example, we will be placing a buy market order).

Enter the quantity you wish to buy or enter the amount you wish to spend on your order. You will be displayed with the total value, including fees above the order button on the right-hand side. Press the “place your order” button to proceed with trade execution.

Please note: This guide is showing only one way to initiate a new order.

Kinesis trading cryptocurrency and precious metals

3. You will be displayed with a pop-up, confirming your trade execution including the order type, trade pair, quantity, price, execution fee and total amount paid.

Kinesis trading silver and cryptocurrencies

4. The post-trade balance and trade history will be displayed and you will receive an email detailing the trade description.

Kinesis trading gold and crypto