About Kinesis

On a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable money.

Our Mission

Kinesis shares a vision of a world where money is honest, fair and backed by a true store of value, within a system designed to reward everyone who participates.

Kinesis has introduced a new form of money to stand the test of time and overcome the pitfalls of traditional currencies susceptible to inflation, weakened value and eventual collapse. In today’s model where more and more money is printed and the value of that currency is eroded, economies and individuals are left to suffer the consequences.

An Entirely New Monetary System

Following years of strategic navigation and meticulous planning, Kinesis was established in 2018 to address that very problem. CEO and founder, Thomas Coughlin, brought forward Kinesis as the solution; an entirely new monetary system, based on the proven, physical value of precious metals – not paper promises.

Based on fully allocated, precious metals, Kinesis gold KAU and silver KAG reintroduce physical backing to money, with the everyday utility of fiat currency. By digitalising gold and silver, Kinesis reintroduced the enduring value of precious metals to all, via an accessible, easy-to-use platform.

And now, everybody can earn an industry-first, debt-free yield on their precious metals, simply by using gold and silver as money or holding their assets securely within Kinesis’ vaults. Made possible by cutting-edge blockchain technology, Kinesis is able to share over 50% of its revenue with users, every single month.

Gold on the Blockchain

Kinesis leverages Stellar’s technology to deliver robust, reliable infrastructure and interoperability that runs global transactions of KAU and KAG on the Kinesis Blockchain Network.

At the core of the system’s integrity, the Kinesis blockchain maintains an immutable and transparent ledger of all KAU and KAG within the Kinesis system. The digital record, coupled with biannual independent audits, offers users total assurance in the secure ownership of their assets.

Borderless Currency

As nations adopt legislation to reflect the changing economic landscape, Kinesis is firmly positioned at the forefront of this global development, with  Kinesis gold (KAU) already integrated with the Indonesian government-run postal service, PT Pos.

Through further government partnerships, Kinesis will continue to widen global access to gold and silver investment, so that everyday payments in physical precious metals and access to fairer remittance services are the standard.

Kinesis invites people and governments of the world to be part of a universally rewarding monetary system – one based on tangible, physical money that has withstood the greatest trials of economic history.

Kinesis Ecosystem

Industry Leaders in Fully Allocated Precious Metals

The Kinesis platform was formed by strategic partner, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), a leading online exchange platform for physical bullion. ABX brings over 10+ years of institutional precious metals heritage to the secure management and trading of Kinesis users’ precious metals.

Formed in 2011, ABX has amassed a global vaulting network covering Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Vaduz, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Zurich, Panama City, Batam and Brisbane. Through its unique foothold in the precious metals industry, ABX ensures Kinesis users experience the highest level of security from industry leaders: Brinks, Loomis, and Malca Amit.

Operating within a strict Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), all metal traded within the Kinesis ecosystem is certified with the highest investment-grade quality; ABX ensures provenance and an unbroken chain of integrity that can be traced back to refinement.

Kinesis brings ABX’s extensive experience and infrastructure to support the global uptake of the platform – with an impact expanding well beyond the monetary sphere. When individuals take back control of their money, within an economic system designed to drive usage – rather than debt – the reality of a more sustainable, ethical world is well within reach.

Company address

Kinesis Money, 36A Dr. Roy’s Drive, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, KY1-1104


Thomas Coughlin

Contact information

+44 20 3150 0385
[email protected]

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