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We offer tailor-made solutions enabling businesses and institutions of all sizes to integrate seamlessly with Kinesis technology.

White-label solutions

We design, build and power bespoke white-label applications introducing your customers to innovative financial and trading services.

Precious metals exchange

An institutionally-backed precious metals exchange, with industry-leading pricing and limitless liquidity.

Cryptocurrency exchange

A world-class crypto exchange with all leading digital assets listed, alongside digitalised physical gold and silver.

Banking services

Integrated multi-currency banking systems for spending and saving in precious metals and cryptocurrency.

International payments

A low-cost, global remittance solution with payments in digitalised physical gold and silver, cleared in 2-3 seconds, 24/7.

Kinesis for you

API Integration

Our easy-to-use APIs connect your customers with the value and efficiency of Kinesis’ exchange and payment infrastructure.

Plug in to the Kinesis Exchange

Our straightforward APIs give your customers direct access to the deep liquidity of Kinesis’ institutionally-backed precious metals and crypto trading platform.

Accept payments in gold and silver

Whether you’re a small business or multinational, our simple APIs enable you to accept physical gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) for all your goods and services.

Precious metals pricing

Access and display live physical gold and silver bullion pricing, aggregated from all major precious metals trading hubs, globally.

Our integrations

Our Partners

Kinesis is actively partnering with private businesses and governments, providing payments and trading infrastructure, globally.

Case studies

Read our case studies detailing the impact of Kinesis financial technology on government and citizens globally.

Kinesis’ integration with the Indonesian national postal service, PT Pos, enables Indonesian citizens to gain access to financial services.
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Smart Cities
Kinesis assists governments in evolving a city’s financial infrastructure, embedding technology of efficiency and value within government operations.
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Unbanked communities
Kinesis’ mobile payment and savings solutions are set to provide vital financial services and instant, low-cost remittance services, globally.
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