Open up your business to gold & silver payments

Plug into Kinesis technology to start accepting fast, secure payments in precious metals.

kinesis pay merchant dashboard

Start accepting gold and silver payments

Adding Kinesis Pay to your online store lets your customers make fast, hassle-free payments with gold and silver in just three simple steps.

Scan the QR code

Confirm payment in-app

Cleared in seconds

Diversify your holdings

Safeguard your revenue from inflation with gold and silver.

Earn a passive yield on your capital

Receive a monthly return on all gold and silver held in your Kinesis account. Hold a portion of your capital in precious metals to generate a new revenue stream.

Powerful tools for business analysis

Everything you need to track and analyse your gold and silver payments in a single merchant dashboard.

Easy set-up

Simply open your business account and install the plug-in.

Track sales

Keep tabs on all gold and silver payments received.

Real-time payments

Gold and silver payments cleared in seconds.