The Minter’s Yield

For the first time in history, Kinesis is providing a yield on gold and silver. Find out everything you need to know about receiving your yields.

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How does the Minter’s Yield work?

Learn how the Minter’s Yield is calculated with our helpful explainer video.


By minting Kinesis currencies KAU and KAG, you are taking physical fully allocated bullion and making it digital.

KAU and KAG are identical to any other investment-grade bullion in the market, only cheaper to buy, and stored in our world-class vaults at no cost.


By digitalising your bullion you are able to use your metals as everyday currency to spend, send or save in a stable store of value, providing a safe haven for your investments and everyday cash holdings.


The Kinesis Mint allows you to effectively behave as your own central bank, bringing to life your own currency where the legal title remains solely with you – the holder.

The Minter’s Yield rewards you for doing this by paying back a proportionate share on your minted KAU and KAG every single month.

Check out your yields

Our yield display keeps you up to date with how much you’ve earned.

Watch us grow

Track the amount of gold and silver, as well as fees collected, in the system.

Keep track of transactions

Your yields are calculated, reconciled and paid monthly.

Am I eligible for the Minter’s Yield?

The Minter’s Yield is designed to reward Kinesis users for minting and then using their minted KAU and KAG. In order to be eligible for the Minter’s Yield, you must first buy Kinesis gold (KAU) or silver (KAG) in the process of creating your own Kinesis currencies (aka. Minting), either using fiat or through the Exchanging Physical for Digital (EPD) process. You then activate your Minter’s Yield by either selling or spending your KAG or KAU on the Kinesis platform, using the Kinesis card or transferring their KAU and KAG to an unrelated, verified account or wallet.

For a full breakdown please read our comprehensive eligibility guide.

Do I need to Mint every month to receive my Minter’s Yield?

No. Your Minter’s Yield is perpetual and you will be receiving a proportional stake of the Minter’s Yield fee pool  every month on the amount you have minted and activated. You can grow this with monthly activity, however, previous activity will also be attributed to your account.

If I complete an EPD process, will that count towards the Minter’s Yield?

Yes, Exchanging Physical for Digital (EPD), followed by either sending your digitalised bullion to another verified user’s account or selling/ trading it on the Kinesis Exchange, counts towards your Minter’s Yield. Please find the guidelines here.

Will I receive the Minter’s Yield if I purchase another asset (other than USD) with my minted gold or silver?

Yes. you will receive the Minter’s Yield as long as the KAU and KAG you are selling has been minted, and not bought on the Kinesis Exchange.

How is my Minter’s Yield calculated and how much will I receive?

5% of the Kinesis Master Fee Pool is allocated to the Minter’s Yield Fee Pool. This 5% is then distributed to all who are eligible for the Minter’s Yield in the proportion they have minted and used (either by sending or spending) as compared to other participants.

Calculating your Minter’s Yield consists of three steps:

  1. Calculating the ratio of gold or silver you have minted and sent or spent versus the total amount minted and sent or spent by all Kinesis users.
  2. Ensuring you followed all the steps in order to qualify for the Minter’s Yield (either by minting your KAU and KAG and selling on the Kinesis Exchange; or alternatively, by minting and sending it to another non-related Kinesis account or Kinesis Wallet)
  3. Calculating the bonuses (eg. if you participated in any of the Kinesis offers) and adding all amounts together to get the total qualified Minted amounts.


Please find a more detailed breakdown here.

Do I need to link my external accounts to receive the Minter’s Yield?

Although the vast majority of Kinesis users will be required to take no action, we still urge all participants to check that all addresses previously minted to are listed in the address linking widget on the Kinesis platform.

However, If you have only ever minted to the Kinesis platform via Mint, your Kinesis account should automatically be linked and no further action would be required. Those who have previously minted to an external wallet, will be required to prove ownership of that wallet by linking it.

We would like to emphasise that all unlisted addresses will not receive a yield. This is why it is imperative that all users follow the steps to ensure all addresses previously minted to are linked and listed. A comprehensive linking guide can be found here.

How, where and in which currency will I get paid?

You will receive a yield in gold on all minted and transacted (sent or spent) qualifying Kinesis Gold (KAU) and a yield in silver on all minted and transacted (sent or spent) qualifying Kinesis Silver (KAG).

Yields are paid monthly, in week 1 of each following month, for all yields accrued in the previous month.

Your earned yield will be paid into your Kinesis KAU and KAG accounts, however, Kinesis calculates and checks your holdings and minted coins on all linked addresses. You can keep track of all your yields via the Yields dashboard on the Kinesis platform.