Earn rewards

The Partner’s Yield

The Kinesis Partner Program invites partners to onboard their networks to Kinesis and earn up to 25% of their transaction fees.

Why is the Partner’s Yield unique?

Kinesis partners can earn up to 25% of their referral network’s transaction fees, across every interaction with the platform.

Earn boosted yields

Receive higher percentages of your referral’s transaction fees as you drive more volume.

Paid in gold and silver

Paid monthly in gold and silver, based on your referral’s activity.

Become a Kinesis partner

Uncapped commission

The more volume you bring to Kinesis, the more you will earn.

Onboard with a click

Share your link via email or social media, directly from the Kinesis platform.

Dedicated support

From the Kinesis marketing team and our Kinesis Partner Manager.

Everything you need to grow

Gold and silver payments Real-time revenue tracking Dedicated account manager Community resources Tools & support
How do I qualify for the Partner’s Yield?

The Partner’s Yield rewards you with a high percentage of your referees’ transaction fees. It grows over time as you drive more deposit volume into Kinesis. 

You can qualify by successfully applying to become a Kinesis partner. Visit our dedicated website to find out more – here.

What is the difference between the Partner’s Yield and the Referrer’s Yield?

Whilst both referrers and partners are eligible for half an ounce of silver bonus and a share of their referral’s transaction fees, partners can earn higher percentages of transaction fees and have the potential to benefit from other bonuses and perks.

Using the Kinesis Partner Program, you can expect to earn a commission of up to 25% of every new user’s transaction fees.

Can I be a referrer and a Kinesis Partner at the same time?

Yes, in fact, existing referrers are excellent candidates for the partner program. The partner program is suitable for referrers with large audiences who can bring high deposit volumes to Kinesis. Your existing referrals will automatically be migrated to be included within your new Partner’s Yield, which will replace your Referrer’s Yield.

What are the full requirements to sign up for the Kinesis Partner program?

We would prefer that our possible partners already have existing audiences around these sizes, but you can apply stating why you believe you should be considered if your audience is smaller but very engaged:

  • Precious metals audiences should be over 10,000 plus.
  • Payment services audiences should be over 5000.
  • Crypto traders audiences should be over 2500.

To successfully complete the sign-up process, potential candidates must apply by completing an application form and be accepted into the program. Find out more about the Partner’s Program in our guides.

How do I track my commissions and referrals through the Kinesis Partner program?

You will be able to track your commissions, referrals, and a number of other metrics on a dedicated Partner dashboard on the Kinesis platform. This will be managed through specialised software, outside of the Kinesis platform.

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