Plug your physical into digital

Exchange Physical for Digital (EPD) lets you bring your bullion into the Kinesis vaults and unlock all the benefits of holding Kinesis gold and silver.

Convert your bullion into KAU and KAG

Transfer eligible* bullion held at an ABX-approved location into our vaults and convert your gold and silver bars into Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG).

Hold, trade, spend and earn KAU and KAG with Kinesis, bringing true utility to your precious metals.

*subject to conditions within the ABX Quality Assurance Framework

Unlock the real-world value of your coins and bars

Convert your eligible* coin and bars into Kinesis gold and silver – and access instant cash flow on the fine weight of your collection.

Retain 100% of your holdings within a segregated vaulting facility, simply by maintaining a ⅔ account balance, each month.

* See EPD (coins and bars) requirements.

Secure bullion vaulting

Vaulting partners

Kinesis works closely with world-renowned vaulting partners; Loomis Zurich, OZL Liechtenstein and Brinks, to guarantee the highest-grade security of your precious metals.

A global vaulting network

Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Vaduz, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Zurich, Panama City, Batam and Brisbane.

All metal undergoes independent audits

Independent third-party audits are conducted twice yearly by leading global physical commodity auditor, Inspectorate.

Your precious metals, held in your name.

All bullion is fully reserved (1:1) and securely stored in insured vaulting facilities, in your name, at all times.

Redeem your gold and silver anytime

Take delivery of your coins and bars, anywhere in the world, anytime you wish.

How do I EPD?


Find out all the requirements on how to convert your bullion holdings into Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG).

Coins and small bars

See the full requirements on how to EPD your coin and bars – and store them within our segregated vault.