We give back over half our fees to you

We give back a 57.5% share of all Kinesis transaction fees to our users every month – with all 6 yields paid in gold and silver.

The only yield of its kind

A historic yield

It’s simple – we give back our transaction fee revenue each month.

You share in our growth

The more transaction volume in the system, the more we pay out as yields.

Paid in gold and silver

Receive your yields in gold and silver, at the end of every month.

Holder’s Yield

Earn a monthly yield on the gold and silver that you hold with us.

Velocity Yield

Earn when you spend or trade KAU & KAG on the Kinesis Exchange.

Referrer’s Yield

Invite friends & family to Kinesis and earn a share of their transaction fees.

Partner’s Yield

Earn a higher percentage of your network’s transaction fees

Minter’s Yield

Mint entirely new KAU & KAG to earn a lifelong yield.

KVT Yield

Proportional 20% share of all Kinesis fees are distributed to KVT holders.


Track your earnings

Check out your yields

Our live yield display keeps you up to date with how much you’ve earned.

Watch us grow

Track the amount of gold and silver, as well as fees collected, in the system.

Earn from the first cent you spend with us.