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The Executive Team

Thomas Coughlin

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Coughlin

Chief Financial Officer

David Charles

Group Special Counsel

David Underwood

Non-Executive Director

Eric Maine

President – Chief Strategy Officer

Jai Bifulco

Chief Commercial Officer

Richard Melbourne

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Maguire


Jason Noorman

Chief Technology Officer

The Leadership Team

Shane Morand

Strategic Consultant

Christiaan Roesch

Head of Operations – South Africa

Martín Aguilar

Head of Operations – Latin America

Boris Shekerov

Head of Development

Som Ranga

Head of Delivery

Jeremy Lee

Head of Compliance & CRM

Alex Docherty

Design Director

Patrick Turner

Creative Director

Natalina Inglis

Head of Global Administration & HR

Hilton Pohl

Head of Sales

Alp Berker

Head of Commercial Operations (Eastern Europe & Middle East)

Gökhan Aksu

Head of Physical Operations (Eastern Europe & Middle East)

Edward Stanley

Chief Operations Officer

Nikki France

Business Development Director of the UK and Middle East

Douglas Turner

Head of Content

Martins Skromans

Business Development Director – Europe

The Advisory board

Sergio Fernandez De Cordova

Public – Private Partnerships Expert

Tariq Al Habtoor

Investor Relations

Axel Paul Diegelmann

Co-founder – LPM Group

Pádraig Seif

Advisory Board Member

William Kaye

Senior Director of PGL

Chimezeie Chuta

Advisory Board Member

Ali Hussein Kassim

Advisory Board Member

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