The world’s first partner program that pays you gold

Earn unlimited revenue by promoting the only solution to spend, send and trade precious metals and crypto.

Join a partner program without limits

Uncapped commission

There are no limits on the amount that you can earn each month.

Lifelong passive income

Earn up to 25% of your referrals’ transaction fees each time they spend, trade and send – for life.

Earn gold and silver

Your earnings are paid in gold and silver into your account, each month.

Kinesis Partner rewards structure

Estimated monthly volume Estimated monthly volumeThe amount of transaction volume you can drive to Kinesis.
< 3M $3m $30m $150m $450m
Commission CommissionThe percentage of your referral’s transaction fees that you earn.
10% 15% 17.5% 19% 20%
Bonus rewards Bonus rewardsBecome eligible for bonuses and other perks as they drive more volume.
0% 0% 1.5% 3% 5%
Share 1oz of silver Share 1oz of silverPartners and eligible referrals receive 0.5KAG each.
Early access & discounts Early access & discountsGet invited to test new features and receive discounts on Kinesis products.
Exclusive competitions Exclusive competitionsPartners may be eligible to join invite-only competitions.
Invites to Kinesis events Invites to Kinesis eventsGet invited to exclusive Kinesis events based on their partner tier.
VIP partner manager VIP partner managerPartners receive dedicated support from a Kinesis manager.

Who we partner with

Precious metals

Earn for introducing your audience to gold and silver as money, unique yields and precious metals trading.

Crypto traders

Earn for introducing your crypto trading community to yield-bearing gold and silver stablecoins.  

Payment Services

Earn for introducing your network to instant, low-cost payments and remittance in gold and silver.

Why should I partner with Kinesis?

Partnering with Kinesis is a great way for precious metals advocates, professional crypto traders, and providers of payment services to unlock additional income streams in gold and silver.

How does the Kinesis Partner program work?

The partner program will enable precious metals advocates, crypto traders and payment service providers to earn an income through new customer sign-ups and interactions on the Kinesis platform by inviting them using a unique referral link.

When a new user signs up using your unique referral link, you will be able to earn a percentage of the fees they create when generating trading volume on the Kinesis Exchange, spending, trading or minting.

How much commission can I earn through the Kinesis Partner program?

Using the Kinesis Partner Program, you can expect to earn a commission of up to 25% of every new user’s transaction fees.

Additionally, both referrers and partners can receive a one-off payment of 1KAG (an ounce of silver) to share between them and their referees, upon meeting the Silver Rewards program conditions, listed here.

Your potential commission is unlimited, and will be paid out each month in gold and silver.

What kind of promotional materials does Kinesis provide to its Partners?

Partners on the Kinesis Partner platform will be provided a selection of promotional materials to help them kickstart their Partner marketing efforts.

This will include ready-made content to send out to your community, social media posts and other content materials that will help you market the Kinesis ecosystem to your followers.

In addition, you will receive Kinesis images, logos, and other design assets that incorporate the Kinesis logo.

Promote Kinesis and earn gold