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Choose gold and silver as money. Protect your wealth. Join a monetary system that gives back.

Make your money work for you

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Digital currencies fully backed by physical gold and silver

Kinesis gold (KAU)

1 Kinesis gold (KAU) = 1 gram of physical gold bullion.

Kinesis silver (KAG)

1 Kinesis silver (KAG) = 1 ounce of physical silver bullion.

Spend your gold & silver with a tap

Instantly spend your gold, silver & digital assets – anywhere.

Earn yields just for using your account

Hold and earn

Earn a passive yield on every single gram of gold and silver held with Kinesis.

Spend and earn

Earn gold and silver every single time you spend or trade precious metals.

Refer and earn

Invite friends and family to Kinesis and receive a share of all of their transaction fees.

Mint and earn

Receive a lifelong yield for bringing new gold and silver into the Kinesis system.

Own and earn

Receive a proportional 20% share of all fees in the global Kinesis system.
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  • Velocity
  • Referrer’s
  • Minter’s
  • KVT