The following fees are applicable when you buy, sell, trade, spend, deposit and withdraw with Kinesis.

Precious metals storage fees and Transaction costs 

Storage fees on all fully allocated precious metals held by Kinesis are eliminated by the robust vaulting infrastructure of Kinesis’ strategic partner, ABX, and a share of global transaction fees charged across the Kinesis system.

Store your gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) on an allocated basis with Kinesis. 0% per annum
Buy or sell gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) bullion at quoted market price, via the Kinesis dashboard or the Kinesis Exchange. 0.22% fee
Buy or sell gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) bullion using limit order, via the Kinesis Exchange. 0.22% fee

Kinesis Exchange fees
Trade execution fees
Trade asset at current market price, via market order. 0.22% fee
Trade asset, via limit order 0.22% fee


Withdrawal of crypto and fiat
Currency Withdrawal fee Minimum withdrawal amount Deposit minimum
KAG 0 (standard 0.45% on-chain transaction fee will be charged + 100 stroops (0.00001) 0.03 KAG 0.00001 KAG
KAU 0 (standard 0.45% on-chain transaction fee will be charged + 100 stroops (0.00001) 0.03 KAU 0.00001 KAU
KVT Dynamic fee* 1 KVT 1 KVT
USD $25 $100 $100
EUR €25 €100 €100
GBP £25 £100 £100
AUD A$25 A$100 Null
CAD C$25 C$100 Null
SGD S$25 S$100 Null
CHF CHF25 CHF100 Null
AED AED90 AED350 Null
ETH Dynamic fee* 0.02 ETH 0.00042 ETH
BTC Dynamic fee* 0.0008 BTC 0.0003 BTC
USDT Dynamic fee* 50 USDT 0.5 USDT
LTC Dynamic fee* 0.01 LTC 0.001 LTC
BCH Dynamic fee* 0.001 BCH 0.0005 BCH
DASH Dynamic fee* 0.15 DASH 0.1 DASH
XRP Dynamic fee* 10 XRP 5 XRP
XLM Dynamic fee* 20 XLM 10 XLM
XDC Dynamic fee* 50 XDC 30 XDC
USDC ERC-20 Dynamic fee* 50 USDC 0.5 USDC
USDC Stellar Dynamic fee* 5 USDC 0.1 USDC


*Withdrawal fees vary depending on network congestion. Fees are dynamically calculated at the time of withdrawal.

Kinesis fees
Wallet transfer fees 0.45% fee
Account transfer fees 0.45% fee
Transfer fees between the Account and Wallet 0.45% fee

Kinesis Virtual Card fees and limits
Kinesis Virtual Card fees
Kinesis virtual card transaction fee 0.95%
Trade execution fee on instant KAU, KAG or crypto transactions 0.22%
Card provider transaction fee 1%
Sign-up fee $0.00
Monthly fee $0.00

*100% of Kinesis’ fees contribute to the Kinesis yield pool, which is distributed among Kinesis users each month.

Kinesis Virtual Card limits
Daily spend limit €15,000
Max single transaction limit €15,000
Max number of daily POS transactions 20

Minting fees
Mint deposit fees
Mint Deposit from outside of KMS $0 per transaction*
Mint Deposit from Kinesis Platform $25 per transaction

Mint trade execution fee
Mint trade execution fee 0.45% per transaction

Transferring USD from the Kinesis Mint to Kinesis
Withdraw from Kinesis Mint to the Kinesis platform FREE
Withdraw from Kinesis Mint to the external bank account No fee is charged from Kinesis. External banks may charge the receiver fees.

Fees for depositing physical bullion, coins and bars
Exchanging physical for digital (EPD) – bullion
Precious Metal EPD fee
Gold 0.10%
Silver 0.20%

Exchanging physical for digital (EPD) – (coins and bars) – Segregated facility
Deposit fee 1%
Segregated management fee 2.5% p.a.

Kinesis users wishing to deposit coins or bars will need to have their coin and/or bar collection assayed at their expense with a service provider of Kinesis’ choosing. Additionally, fees will be charged for both the delivery and cataloguing of the coin or bar holdings.

Assay, delivery and cataloguing fees are calculated on individual circumstances and we will provide a quote after the assessment.

Physical redemption fees
Physical redemption

Physical redemption is the act of withdrawing the gold and silver bullion underpinning your Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies.

Currency Withdrawal fee Minimum physical withdrawal amount
KAU 0.45% + $100 + delivery fee* 100g Gold
KAG 0.45% + $100 + delivery fee* 200oz Silver

* delivery fees vary between countries, however, the reach of Kinesis’ global vaulting network minimises delivery costs.

** Physical redemptions are subject to minimum withdrawal amounts as imposed by Kinesis from time to time.

Physical redemption – example
Price (example) Withdrawn amount (minimum) Withdrawal Fee Redemption cost Shipping
$60 per KAU (1g of gold) 100 KAU (100g of gold) =$6000 0.45% of 100 KAU = 0.45 KAU(27$) +$100 Depending on the location
$30 per KAG (1oz of silver) 200 KAG (200 oz of silver) =$6000 0.45% of 200 KAG = 0.9 KAG (27$) +$100 Depending on the location

Physical redemption of segregated holdings deposited via EPD (Coins and bars)

Kinesis users utilising the segregated storage facility, are fully entitled to redeem the underlying gold coins and gold bars their KAU and KAG are based on, subject to withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal requirements.

Currency Withdrawal fee Minimum physical withdrawal amount
KAU 0.45% + $100 + retrieval fee (if applicable) + delivery fee Coins or bars with a fine weight of 100g of .9999 gold
KAG 0.45% + $100 + retrieval fee (if applicable) + delivery fee* Coins or bars with a fine weight of 200oz of .999 silver