The Kinesis Virtual Card

Spend your gold, silver and crypto in real-time with instant fiat conversion, anywhere in the world.

Everything Money Should Be

Spend your gold, silver & crypto instantly

Protect your wealth in gold and silver – or hold crypto – with split-second conversion at the moment of purchase.

Go borderless

Spend your assets anywhere in the world Mastercard is accepted.

Sky-high daily limits

Spend up to €15,000 each day – over €400,000 every single month.

Your global crypto card

Use your crypto as currency at 80 million locations around the globe.

Earn gold and silver as you spend

 icon kau kag
Get paid gold and silver

The more precious metals you spend, the more gold and silver you earn.

You share in our growth

We share 10% of our global earnings with our gold and silver spenders.

We share our fees

Unlike other cards, Kinesis’ transaction fees are collected and paid out monthly as yields.

Choose your money

Easily switch between spending your precious metals and crypto – and even preselect the order you spend your currencies in.

Multi-currency transactions

Spend gold, silver & crypto in the same transaction.

Supports 10+ currencies

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & more.

kinesis gold backed global card

Our plan

Spend your gold, silver, or crypto in real-time with instant conversion to fiat

€15,000 daily spend limit

No monthly fee

No sign-up fee

Spend currencies in your preferred order

Google Pay & Apple Pay compatible

Available in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Oceania and Latin America.

Available in 60+ countries. See full country list here.

Can I use my Kinesis Virtual Card the same way I use my debit card?

Yes. The Kinesis Virtual Card works just like a regular debit card and can be used in the exact same way. With the Kinesis Virtual Card, you can spend and transact gold, silver and crypto online and in-store. You can spend gold, silver and crypto with instant conversion to local currency, at over 80 million online and physical locations, globally.

Can I use my card with Google Pay and Apple Pay?

As with a regular card, you can use your Kinesis Virtual Card with Google Pay and Apple Pay, allowing you to make transactions from your mobile, tablet devices and supported web browsers.

Find out how to link your Kinesis Virtual Card to Google Wallet in this article here. To add your card to Apple Wallet, read our helpful guide.

Can I use gold and silver (or crypto) as money with the Kinesis Virtual Card?

Yes. With the Kinesis Virtual Card, you can instantly spend your gold, silver and crypto at any time and from anywhere in the world, in an easy and convenient way.

Importantly, you can pay with your card using gold, silver or cryptocurrency available on the Kinesis platform (aside from KVT and DASH) after setting up your order of currency preference, using the designated widget within your Kinesis account’s card tab.

How does a Kinesis Virtual Card work?

Whenever you use your card online or at the store, Kinesis instantly converts the value of your purchase from local fiat into gold, silver or crypto and automatically withdraws the calculated amount from your Kinesis account to cover the transaction.

You can learn more about all functionalities of the Kinesis Virtual Card in our knowledge base.

Can I earn a yield while using the Kinesis Virtual Card?

Yes. The Velocity Yield rewards all Kinesis cardholders for using their gold and silver-based Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG, as money. This means that every time you spend KAU or KAG with a Kinesis card you earn a monthly yield paid monthly in gold and silver.

In which countries is the Kinesis Virtual Card available?

Kinesis keeps continuously expanding the list of countries where the Kinesis card is supported. Currently, you can apply for your Kinesis Virtual Card if you’re a resident of the United Kingdom, Eurozone, Canada, Australia and Oceania or Latin America. For a full list of countries in which the Kinesis card is supported, click here.

However, you can use your card globally, at any point of sale in over 80 million locations across 200+ countries and territories, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How do I apply for a Kinesis card?

The Kinesis Virtual Card comes as a part of the Kinesis Individual account offering. All you need to do is simply click the confirmation button and then follow up with a short cardholder verification process.

You can also apply for your Kinesis Virtual Card using the widget located in the Virtual Card section of your Kinesis account.

Can I get my Kinesis Virtual Card for free? Are there any fees?

You can activate your Kinesis Virtual Card free of charge. There is no sign-up, cancellation or monthly maintenance fee. There are no depositing or top-up fees either. No costs are associated with owning or maintaining the card or any of your Kinesis accounts.

We only charge you a 1.95% transaction fee, when you spend or withdraw money with your virtual Kinesis card and a 0.22% crypto trade execution fee.

You can find all Kinesis Virtual Card fees listed on our fees page or explained in our knowledge base article.

Do I own my gold and silver?

Yes, you do. Every gram of Kinesis gold (KAU) and every ounce of Kinesis silver (KAG) are a 1:1 digital representation of fully allocated physical gold and silver bullion, which sits in our vaults, in your name. For the full specifications of Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies, as well as the underlying bars, please visit our gold and silver asset pages.

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