Learn & Earn

Learn everything the Kinesis Monetary System has to offer in our educational video series.

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Digital gold

Lesson 3

What is KAU & KAG

Lesson 4

The Kinesis debit card

Lesson 5

The Exchange

Lesson 6

What is a yield?

Lesson 7

Minters yield

Lesson 8

Holders yield

Lesson 9


Lesson 10

Depositors Yield

Lesson 11


  • Money

    In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to the history of “money”…

  • Digital gold

    In this lesson, we explain what digitalising gold really means.

  • What is KAU & KAG

    Learn how you can become your own central bank.

  • The Kinesis debit card

    We introduce the Kinesis Debit Card. Your everyday companion…

  • The Exchange

    We introduce the Kinesis Exchange, our bespoke trading hub…

  • What is a yield?

    In this lesson, we introduce our unique Kinesis Yields.

  • Minters yield

    In this lesson, we learn about the Minters Yield.

  • Holders yield

    In this lesson, we introduce the Holders Yield.

  • Referrer

    In this lesson, learn more about the Kinesis referral program.

  • Depositors Yield

    In this lesson, we explain the Depositors Yield.

  • KVT

    In this lesson, we explain our unique Kinesis Velocity Token.

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