Kinesis Velocity Token

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a digital token that rewards holders with a 20% proportionate share of every global transaction fee taken across the entire system. Available exclusively on the Kinesis Exchange.

What are KVT?

KVT entitles holders to a share of each fee taken, any time an asset is purchased, traded, spent or sent with Kinesis.

A 20% share of all revenue generated across the entire Kinesis system is proportionately distributed back to KVT holders, paid monthly in physical gold and silver.


Ethereum network

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is an ERC-20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, through a custom-built Smart Contract.

As a reliable and secure Smart Contracting platform, Ethereum provides advanced security for the token and compatibility with any wallet or service that supports ERC-20.



Why are KVTs unique?

What is a KVT?

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a yield-bearing asset, which grants the holder access to a 20% proportionate share of global transaction fees across the entire Kinesis Monetary System. As transactional volume continues to grow with the Kinesis system, so too, will the yields KVT holders receive.

What makes KVT special?

The KVT is limited to just 300,000 in circulation. With the integrations Kinesis is implementing globally all contributing to the KVT’s yield, the token represents a unique revenue generation opportunity. 

How to buy KVT?

A limited number of Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVT) are currently available for sale at a fixed price on the Kinesis Exchange.

Simply sign up for a Kinesis Money account, and purchase the KVT via the simple Kinesis Money dashboard widget or the Kinesis Exchange.

Can I buy a KVT if I live in America?

Kinesis users based in the United States must be accredited investors to purchase KVT.

Can I trade KVT?

Currently, KVTs are not available for trade on the Kinesis Exchange. However, there are plans to make Kinesis Velocity Tokens freely tradeable in the future.

What does yield mean?

A yield describes the earnings generated on an investment over a certain period of time.

In the case of Kinesis yields, users are rewarded for everyday participation in the system with yields paid monthly in physical gold and silver.

The yields are calculated from a share of Kinesis’ global transaction fee revenue and redistributed back to the users of the Kinesis system.

Visit our yields page for a breakdown of all 5 Kinesis yields – here.

What other yields are there in the Kinesis system?

There are 5 yields in the Kinesis system: Minter’s yield, Referrer’s yield, Holder’s yield, Velocity yield and KVT yield.

Find out how you can benefit from them – here.

A yield like no other.

Purchase KVT on the Kinesis Exchange today.