The Referrer’s Yield

Invite friends and family into the Kinesis system and receive a share of each fee taken on every single transaction they make – for life.

Why is the Referrer’s Yield unique?

Earn a yield

Receive a 7.5% share of every single one of your referee’s Kinesis transaction fees.

Paid in gold and silver

Paid monthly in gold and silver, based on your referees’ transactional activity.

Send gold and earn

Send gold, silver or crypto – via email – to friends and family outside of the Kinesis system and start earning the Referrer’s Yield.

Send gold via email

Send gold, silver or crypto to anyone in the world, using only their email address.

Earn the Referrer’s Yield

Access a lifelong share of the fees of anyone who signs up to accept your funds.

Low minimum sends

Send as little as 0.03g of gold or 0.03oz of silver via email.

Track your earnings