The Referrer’s yield

Invite friends and family into the Kinesis system and receive a share of each fee taken on every single transaction they make – for life.

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Why is the Referrer’s yield unique?


Earn a yield

Receive a 7.5% share of every single one of your referee’s Kinesis transaction fees.


Paid in gold and silver

Paid monthly in gold and silver, based on your referees’ transactional activity.

Send gold and earn

Send gold, silver or crypto – via email – to friends and family outside of the Kinesis system and start earning the referrer’s yield.


Send gold via email

Send gold, silver or crypto to anyone in the world, using only their email address.


Earn the referrer’s yield

Access a lifelong share of the fees of anyone who signs up to accept your funds.



Send as little as 0.03g of gold or 0.03oz of silver via email.

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How do I qualify for the Referrer’s Yield? What makes me eligible?

In order to be eligible for the Referrer’s Yield, all you need to do is introduce people you know, or businesses to Kinesis, by sharing your unique referral link with them. You’re then automatically entitled to 7.5% of all their transaction fees accumulated from their spending of KAU, KAG and crypto, as long as your referees are KYC’d and remain active.

How is my Referrer’s Yield calculated?

The Referrer’s yield is calculated from the total transaction fees, for any given month, that are accumulated by all system participants that Kinesis has registered as your referees. This includes fees generated from their Kinesis Money accounts, as well as any external, standalone wallets that they have linked to their Kinesis Money accounts.

The specific transaction fees that are included to build up that total are:  

  • All KAU and KAG Kinesis card transactions
  • All KAU and KAG on-chain/ blockchain transactions
  • All KAU and KAG minting fees
  • All trades at the Kinesis Exchange

All these fees sum up to create the Master fee pool, 7.5% of this total is then paid to you as the Referrer’s yield.

Is there a minimum volume my referees have to transact for me to receive the Referrer’s yield?

No, there is no minimum transactional volume requirement, as long as your referees remain active. You will receive a 7.5% share of every transaction (trading, sending and spending) your referee has made throughout any given month.

What is the Referrer’s yield paid in?

All transaction fees generated by your referrer in KAU, KAG, fiat and cryptocurrency pairs are converted into KAU and KAG proportionally (50:50) at the end of the day. 

  • You will receive a yield in gold and silver (50:50) ) on all public crypto assets, available on the Kinesis Exchange, transacted by your referee. 
  • You will also receive a yield in gold on all Kinesis gold (KAU) and a yield in silver on all Kinesis silver (KAG)  transacted by your referee.

Do I receive the Referrer’s Yield on all assets my referees transact?

Yes. You will receive the Referrer’s yield on all transaction fees generated by your referee’s trading, sending and spending in KAU, KAG and all crypto and fiat currencies available within the Kinesis Money system. The yield is calculated and paid in KAU and KAG only.

Where and how often will I get paid?

All activated yields are paid monthly, in the first week of each following month, for all yields accrued in the previous month.

Your earned yield will be paid into your Kinesis Money KAU and KAG account. You can keep track of your yield via the yield dashboard in the Kinesis Money platform.

How can I earn Referrer’s Yield by sending gold and silver via email?

Thanks to the ‘send-to-email’ feature, which enables the sending of gold and silver with only the email address of the recipient required, Kinesis account holders are able to invite new users onto the Kinesis Money platform, making the sender automatically eligible to receive the Referrer’s yield. 

If a recipient, who did not previously hold a Kinesis account, accepts the funds and creates an account, the sender becomes eligible for the Referrer’s yield. 

How can I get rewarded with half an ounce of silver?

Thanks to the Kinesis Referral Rewards program, effective from the 6th of April 2022, all referrers and their invited users, who sign up to Kinesis Money with the unique referral link, will be rewarded just for referring new users or joining, making their first US $100 deposit in digital assets or cash and reaching a minimum trade volume of $3,000 in assets.

Step by step Referrer’s yield guide

Step by step Referrer’s yield guide

See our walkthrough for everything you need to know.