Share 1oz of silver with every friend you refer

Earn half an oz of silver for every friend you invite to Kinesis – and, even better, your friend gets half an oz of silver, too.

Earn silver rewards

The more friends you invite, the more silver you earn!

Unlock the reward

Your referral must sign up, verify & reach a minimum trade volume of $3,000 in assets (approx. 30x).

You share 1oz of silver

You both get half an ounce of silver (0.5 KAG), as soon as your referral meets the reward requirements.

Earn gold and silver

Receive 7.5% of all their transaction fees, for life – paid into your account monthly in gold and silver.

Send via email & earn silver rewards

You can also earn Silver Rewards every time you send gold, silver or crypto – via the ‘send to email’ function – to friends outside of the Kinesis system.

Earn silver rewards

Sender and receiver each get half an oz of silver, once the receiver accepts the money, verifies and trades a US $3000 minimum in cash or digital assets.

Earn the referrer’s yield

Access a lifelong 7.5% share of the fees from anyone who signs up to accept your funds – paid in gold and silver, every month.

Your referral hub

The Referral Hub is the perfect launchpad for welcoming your friends to Kinesis, as well as managing all your referrals so far.


Invite friends and family into Kinesis via email, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Track your progress

Keep track of all your referrals and the yields you’ve earned.


See the best-performing referrers in our anonymous global leaderboard.

How can I get rewarded with half an ounce of silver?

Thanks to the Kinesis Referral Rewards program,  all referrers and their invited users, who sign up to Kinesis Money with the unique referral link, will be rewarded just for joining, verifying and trading a US $3,000 minimum in fiat or digital assets on the Kinesis Exchange.

Both the referrer and the referee will receive half an ounce of Kinesis silver (1/2 oz KAG) each, which will be credited into their account the moment they meet the reward criteria outlined in this article.

Can I get rewarded with silver by inviting new users with the ‘send-to-email’ widget?

Yes.  Thanks to the ‘send-to-email’ feature, which enables the sending of gold and silver, KVT and crypto, with only the email address of the recipient required, Kinesis account holders are able to invite new users onto the Kinesis Money platform, making the sender automatically eligible to receive the Referrer’s yield as well as the Referrer’s Rewards. You can learn more about the  ‘send-to-email’ feature in this article.

What are the benefits of the new Referral Hub?

The new Referral hub on the Kinesis Money Account provides Kinesis users with their activity summary, allowing referrers to track their total number of referees, the total transaction value they have generated and the Referrer’s yield revenue earned to date.

Additionally, the upgraded Referral hub enables anonymous activity tracking of the most successful referrers within the Kinesis monetary system through the referrer’s Leaderboard. You can learn more about the upgraded Referral hub in this article.

Unique Referral Links – How do they work?

Every Kinesis Monetary system user is automatically provided with a unique referral link upon joining. It can be easily located on the left-side navigation panel of your Kinesis account, in the REFER section. You can copy and email or WhatsApp your unique referral link to your prospective referees straight from there, or share your referral link via social media, simply by clicking the icon. 

How do I qualify for the Referrer’s Yield? What makes me eligible?

In order to be eligible for the Referrer’s yield, all you need to do is introduce people you know, or businesses to Kinesis, by sharing your unique referral link with them. You’re then automatically entitled to 7.5% of all their transaction fees accumulated from their spending of KAU, KAG and crypto, as long as your referees are fully verified and remain active.

For a full breakdown please read our comprehensive eligibility guide.

Who can become a referrer/ referee?

To encourage adoption and use, Kinesis has created one of the world’s best flat referral programs, providing an attractive incentive to bring entire communities, countries and governments into the system of using gold and silver as money, once again.

Becoming a referrer simply means that you refer an individual or business to use the Kinesis Monetary system, creating an earning opportunity for everyone involved.

How many people can I refer to Kinesis?

There is no limit to how many people or businesses you can refer. In fact, the more new users you introduce to the Kinesis Monetary system, the greater the Referrer’s yield you will be able to generate.

Importantly, both you and every new system participant added to your referral network will be rewarded with ½ KAG just for referring or joining and meeting the reward requirements, which in turn incentivises transactional velocity within the system and allows you to earn a bigger yield.