Join a thriving community that already uses gold and silver as money.

Charles Harvey, US
Easy and intuitive. I like the ability to trade between two of my favourites – Ethereum and Silver and can do so with minimal fees.
Ms. Yim, HK
This is the best crypto exchange I have ever used.
Ron Van Der Lee, NL
A very good site to exchange your crypto into sound money. Easy to use, good support.
Troglodytes, GB
I was pleasantly surprised by the low spreads on the Exchange. This has improved even further, especially for silver.
Keith Placebo, GB
I can buy and store small quantities of gold and silver at around spot price, and buy BTC & ETH and sell for major currencies. Fantastic!
Siemon VB, BE
Easy and safe way to get exposure to physical gold and silver without the corresponding costs or counterparty risk.
Murray Sumner, US
This platform makes gold and silver physical ownership easy and realistic. I appreciate the lack of storage fees and the independent audits.
Brendan Mulgrew, CA
Kinesis is excellent. Sound money Gold & Silver digitalised for convenient saving & spending and fully redeemable. Couldn’t be happier.
Finlay Lyon, GB
I believe Kinesis will revolutionise the way we buy gold and silver. With inflation rates increasing, why not invest in precious metals.
Troglodytes, GB
I was pleasantly surprised by the low spreads on the Exchange. This has improved even further, especially for silver.
Ludo Contrarien, FR
Amazing. I came from Wall Street Silver (Reddit). Useful and well made. I recommend Kinesis Money.
Jim Forsythe, US
I have been using Kinesis and love it! I’ve taken delivery of 200 Ozs of silver, it arrived in a week and cost me far less than buying at most…
Dan O, US
Love Kinesis offering me prudent, world-class vaulted and silver-backed crypto.
Hans, NL
Kinesis is fair and just and you benefit from yields as a client. A huge difference from the current monetary system, which is unfair.
Peter S., US
Defeats “Gresham’s Law” by the ingenious yield engine benefitting ALL users. revolutionary, defensible, scalable and democratic.
Tim Hack, DE
Revolutionary, easy to use, no storage fees, yield. The next monetary system! I love it.
Manuel Levi, IL
Champion of Freemarket, bringing sound money back to the economy. I love the yield system. Join and support FREEDOM.


Glen L

“I love Kinesis and their support”

I moved most of my investments over to Kinesis and referred other people to this company. We are all really impressed with this company and its ease of use and benefits.

We are able to instantly buy and sell digital silver and gold with extremely low transaction fees.  You benefit from the increase in gold and silver prices over time. In addition, each month Kinesis pays us yields in actual gold and silver, which can go up in value over time too. Once received we will enjoy spending our silver and gold anywhere in the world with the use of the card.

Trading fees are very low and transactions are virtually instant. Cash withdrawals are fast and efficient too.  I am really happy with Michael, my account manager and super coach.


“Excellent precious metal & crypto platform”

Kinesis is the only place to be if you want to buy gold and silver at low premiums, with no storage fees, earn a yield on your holdings, have it professionally insured and audited, securely store and transact in it like Bitcoin, and have the option to spend it on a card.

It has the lowest premiums for physically deliverable precious metals that I can find.  That is why I hold a major portion of my precious metals portfolio with Kinesis.

Jean Ceulemans

“The concept is brilliant and unmatched”

The simple fact that I can buy gold and, especially, silver at such low spreads and have it stored, free of charge, is already a unique feature set in itself. In the case of Kinesis, I have zero doubts that every ounce of the metal is always there, unencumbered and unleveraged.

And the greatest positive of all is that I have direct title to my own gold, it’s nowhere on any counterparty balance sheet, as is the case with most of the other gold “backed” solutions out there.

I heard of several people who redeemed their physical just to try it out and they had zero complaints – unlike when they tried this from a well know gold as money company which I won’t mention by name…

Linda Chlins

“Kinesis is the Future of Money”

Kinesis is the best cryptocurrency I have tried till now! It is something I have been looking at for some time, and it is positioned to become immensely popular, in my opinion. Kinesis offers one of the best gold and silver cryptos worldwide with one of the lowest premiums.

It is a fantastic system with massive upsides, such as a very intuitive user interface. Along with this, the metal is allocated 1:1 in your name and carries no storage fees. One of my favourite features is that you are rewarded with yields paid directly to your account (in KAG and KAU) for holding, minting, referring, etc.

Add in a Kinesis card, and you can save and spend in Kinesis while holding allocated Gold and Silver. With Kinesis, you run your own show. No asking, begging or pleading with a bank manager. It’s your very own financial circle, and I genuinely believe that’s the way forward in today’s global environment. Kinesis is the real deal. They say Kinesis is the Future of Money – I think it is.

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