Mint Kinesis gold and silver

Earn a lifelong yield for bulk gold & silver purchases

Minting lets users earn a perpetual monthly yield for introducing new gold and silver-backed digital assets to the Kinesis system.

What is minting?

Minting is where users create entirely new 1:1 allocated gold and silver-based digital currency, KAU (gold) and KAG (silver).

Minters instantly purchase large quantities of fully allocated physical gold and silver, introducing new KAU and KAG into the Kinesis system.

Why mint?

Kinesis rewards users for minting KAU and KAG with access to a lifelong yield paid monthly – the Minter’s Yield.

The Minter’s Yield is paid monthly into the minter’s Kinesis account in physical gold and silver – forever.

How to Mint

Take a few minutes to understand the process of minting Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies, KAU and KAG.

Our step-by-step video walkthrough with precious metals expert, Andrew Maguire, walks you through the minting process from start to finish.

Kinesis Mint

The best platform in the industry for large-scale metal purchases

Prices among the best globally

Access industry-leading pricing for spot physical gold and silver.

Instant order execution

Find the opportune time to buy via market order or limit order.

Linked accounts

Transfer funds seamlessly between the Kinesis platform and the mint.

Kinesis gold (KAU)

1 Kinesis gold (KAU) is backed by 1 gram of fully allocated, audited gold bullion

Kinesis silver (KAG)

1 Kinesis silver (KAG) is backed by 1 ounce of fully allocated, audited silver bullion.

Secure & audited bullion vaulting

All of your gold and silver bullion is securely stored in our global vaulting network, where it undergoes biannual independent audits.

Get 1 KVT for bringing bullion to Kinesis

For a limited time only, earn a Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) for moving your gold and silver into Kinesis vaults.

Connect your bullion with the Kinesis system

Transfer your bullion into our vaults to experience all the benefits of owning Kinesis gold and silver.

Kinesis Mint market hours

See the trading hours for the Kinesis Mint. While the mint is closed there will be no pricing and trading will not be available.

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What’s the minimum amount of gold and silver I can mint?

The minimum amount of gold you are able to mint is 100 grams (100 KAU). The minimum amount of silver you can mint is 200 ounces (200 KAG).

Can I mint more than 100 grams of gold or 200 ounces of silver?

Yes, due to the institutional precious metals liquidity of Kinesis, you are able to mint as much gold and silver as you wish. However, you must always mint in lots of 100 grams of gold (KAU) and 200 ounces of silver (KAG).

For example, you could choose to mint 500 grams of gold (KAU) or 1200 ounces of silver (KAG).

Is the Minter’s Yield paid in gold or silver?

You will receive a yield in gold on all minted and transacted (sent or spent) qualifying Kinesis gold (KAU) and a yield in silver on all minted and transacted (sent or spent) qualifying Kinesis silver (KAG).

When is the Minter’s Yield paid?

The Minter’s Yields are paid monthly, in week 1 of each following month, for all yields accrued in the previous month.

Where will I receive my Minter’s Yield payments?

Kinesis checks your holdings and minted coins on all linked addresses, then pay your earned yield into your Kinesis KAU and KAG accounts.

You can keep track of all your yields via the Yields dashboard on the Kinesis platform.

Am I eligible for Minter’s Yield? What Qualifies my KAU and KAG?

The Minter’s Yield is designed to reward Kinesis users for minting and then using new KAU and KAG. In order to be eligible for the Minter’s Yield, you must first buy Kinesis gold (KAU) or silver (KAG) in the process of creating your own Kinesis currencies (aka. Minting), either using fiat, or through the EPD process. You then activate your Minter’s Yield by either selling or spending your KAG or KAU on the Kinesis Exchange or using the Kinesis card or transferring it to an unrelated, verified account or wallet.

For a full breakdown please read our comprehensive eligibility guide – here.

Do I need to mint every month to receive my Minter’s Yield?

No. Your Minter’s Yield is perpetual and you will be receiving a proportional stake of the Minter’s Yield fee pool every month.

If I complete an EPD process, will that count towards the Minter’s Yield?

Yes, Exchanging Physical for Digital (EPD), followed by either sending your digitalised physical bullion to another verified user’s account, selling or trading it on the Kinesis Exchange, counts towards your Minter’s Yield. Please find the exact guidelines – here.

Will I receive the Minter’s Yield if I purchase another asset (other than USD) with my minted gold or silver?

You will receive the Minter’s Yield as long as the KAU and KAG you are selling have been minted, and not bought on the Kinesis Exchange.

How is my Minter’s Yield calculated?

5% of the Kinesis Master Fee pool is allocated for the Minter’s Yield fee pool. This 5% is then distributed to all who are eligible for the Minter’s Yield in the proportion they have minted and used (either by sending or spending) as compared to other participants.

What are Kinesis gold (KAU) and Kinesis silver (KAG)?

Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) are a 1:1 digital representation of fully allocated physical gold and silver bullion, which sits in our vaults, in your name.

KAU and KAG enable fully allocated gold and silver bullion to be instantly purchased, traded, spent and sent anywhere in the world.

For the full specifications of Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies, as well as the underlying bars, please visit our gold and silver asset pages.

How do I know my gold and silver is in the vaults?

With over 10 years of experience in the precious metals industry, we understand the necessary assurance only complete transparency provides. All gold and silver bullion held by Kinesis undergoes independent, third-party audits, biannually.

We employ the world-class independent audit and inspection specialist, Inspectorate International, a Bureau Veritas company, to conduct regular, independent, physical audits of all gold and silver within the Kinesis vaults. Additionally, independent auditors perform a series of assessments to ensure the weight and fineness of the bullion is as stated, and the quality of the storage is satisfactory.

The results of all of our audits are publicly available – here.

How is Kinesis able to offer free storage on fully allocated gold and silver?

We are able to offer Kinesis users chargeless storage on their precious metals holdings, by utilising the robust vaulting network of ABX. Additionally, a share of Kinesis global transaction fee revenue is allocated to covering vaulting costs.

Can I redeem my gold and silver? What are the costs?

All Kinesis gold and silver holdings are fully redeemable. Kinesis and ABX understand the absolute necessity of physical redemption in gold and silver provision. As a matter of imperative assurance, Kinesis offers physical redemption on all precious metals behind your gold and silver-based digital currencies.

Kinesis currency holders are fully entitled to redeem the underlying bullion the Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) are based on, subject to withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal requirements. The redemption cost and minimum withdrawal requirements of Kinesis are among the lowest in the industry.

Kinesis enables users to redeem as little as 100 grams of gold or 200 ounces of silver, with a fee of 0.45% + $100 USD + delivery costs.

We provide redemption of the underlying bullion through our logistic partners Loomis, Brinks and Malca-Amit.

Redemption is available from the Settings tab of your Kinesis account.

Why should I trust Kinesis?

Kinesis was founded by Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), a leading institutional exchange with over 10 years of experience trading fully allocated precious metals globally. ABX is a public company with an outstanding reputation in the precious metals space.

Founded in 2011, ABX brings its extensive vaulting network and precious metals trading experience to the operation of Kinesis and the secure, transparent custody of all gold and silver bullion holdings.

Kinesis guarantees the highest-grade security of your precious metals, through world-renowned vaulting partners; Loomis Zurich,  Atlas Vaults and Brinks. For a detailed breakdown of Kinesis gold and silver holdings, see our Trust and Security page – here.

Visit our Trustpilot page to see what our users think of Kinesis – here.

Can I mint Kinesis gold (KAU) and Kinesis silver (KAG) with my own physical bullion?

Yes, we call this process Exchange Physical for Digital (EPD).

If you have eligible* existing bullion holdings, held at an ABX-approved location, you can bring that bullion into our vaults and exchange that physical metal for Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies.

Converting your bullion into Kinesis gold (KAU) and silver (KAG), allow you to receive a passive yield on your physical gold and silver, securely stored across multiple vaults globally, without charge. Additionally, holding KAU and KAG allows you to spend your physical gold and silver for everyday transactions, with the Kinesis card.

*subject to conditions within the ABX Quality Assurance Framework

For more information, visit our EPD page – here.

Earn a yield on your precious metals, every month – for life.