Everything in one place.

Manage your gold, silver & digital assets

Build your wealth on a simple platform for buying, managing and spending physical precious metals and digital assets.


Grow your portfolio with a click

Choose your currency

Purchase precious metals and all major digital assets with 8 global fiat currencies.

Industry-leading pricing

Instantly buy gold and silver 24/7 at the best price from vaults all across the globe.

Trade gold, silver & digital assets 24/7

Instantly trade 100+ gold, silver & crypto pairs on an easy-to-use interface with ultra-responsive charting.

Tight spreads
Institutional liquidity
Low fees
First-grade security
24/7 support

Spend your gold, silver & crypto instantly

Global spending

Spend your gold, silver and crypto in real-time, globally – with instant fiat conversion.

Earn as you spend

Be rewarded every time you spend precious metals with the Velocity Yield.

Open a business account

Introduce your business or fund to the economic stability of precious metals and the innovative revenue streams of the Kinesis system.


Open an account on behalf of your company.


Create an account on behalf of your trustee.

Retirement fund

Set up an account for your retirement fund.

Earn yields just for using your account

Hold and earn

Earn a passive yield on every single gram of gold and silver held with Kinesis.

Spend and earn

Earn gold and silver every single time you spend or trade precious metals.

Refer and earn

Invite friends and family to Kinesis and receive a share of all of their transaction fees.

Mint and earn

Receive a lifelong yield for bringing new gold and silver into the Kinesis system.

Own and earn

Hold KVT and a share of 20% of all fees generated across the entire Kinesis system.
  • Holder’s
  • Velocity
  • Referrer’s
  • Minter’s
  • KVT

Send your money across the globe

Fast & low-cost

Send your Kinesis gold and silver internationally instantly, with a low, flat fee.

Multiple payments

Make instant gold and silver payments to up to 1000 people at the same time.

Send gold & silver via email

You just need an email address to send Kinesis gold and silver to anyone, anywhere.