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View the live price of physical silver bullion, displaying data straight from the Kinesis Exchange. Our bespoke charts show the live pricing for silver bullion that is available to purchase from our global, physical vaulting network.

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Live silver pricing is aggregated across our physical vaulting hubs in London, New York, Brisbane, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Vaduz, Panama City, Zurich, Batam and Singapore. With Kinesis, you can purchase investment-grade silver bullion at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Silver Price Per Kilo FAQ

Is 1 kilo of silver a good investment?

Silver has the potential to be a valuable asset for diversification and hedging against inflation. Silver, and precious metals more widely, have historically been utilised for their capacity to store and protect wealth.

How can Kinesis help you find the best price per kilo of silver?

Kinesis’ live silver price charts can help you find the best price of silver per kilo. Our charts present live silver pricing data from the physical silver bullion market, aggregated across all our global vaulting hubs. 

Our fast-loading charts, help you find the best price of silver per kilogram.

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