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Our gold price chart gives you easy access to live gold price data from the physical gold bullion market, with key pricing figures viewable in multiple time frames.

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Live gold pricing is aggregated across our physical vaulting hubs in London, New York, Brisbane, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Vaduz, Panama City, Zurich, Batam and Singapore.

Gold Rate Per Kilo

In the past ten years, the value of 1kg of gold has seen some volatility. In December 2015, gold was at its lowest when it fell to $33,739 per kg. Gold prices are integrally tied to the dollar currency and at this time the US Federal Reserve sped up its policy tightening measures.

Economic uncertainty regarding inflation and interest rate rises has recently spurred gold prices up. The added risk of the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical worries have also been testing investor sentiment to diversify their portfolio risk.

The gold price for 1kg reached its peak at $66,460 in August 2020. The numbers have moved down but mainly stayed over the $55,000 per kg threshold since.

Gold Price Per Kilo

How much is 1 kg gold worth today?

1kg of gold is currently $65,500.00. Although prices for one kilogram of gold have seen some volatile highs and lows, the 10-year change since 2013 shows a 45% increase over the past decade to 2023.

With Kinesis live charts, you can view the price of 24k gold per kilo in US Dollars ($) in Pounds Sterling (£) and Euros (€). Keep track of the gold price per kilo, with additional viewing options for the gold price per gram or per ounce.

How can Kinesis help you find the best price per kilo of gold?

Our live gold price charts present data straight from the physical gold bullion market, aggregated across our global vaulting network.

Kinesis offers gold at some of the lowest prices in the industry, to suit your investment needs.

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