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Updated with live market data from the Kinesis Exchange

Live gold pricing is aggregated across our physical vaults in London, New York, Brisbane, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Vaduz, Panama City, Zurich, Batam and Singapore.

Gold Rate Per Gram

The gold rate per gram is the spot price in troy ounces divided by 32.151, which gives an equivalent rate in grams. Typically, the spot gold rate is written per troy ounce in US dollars but can also be quoted in grams or kilograms.

Gold prices fluctuate on a second-by-second, real-time basis, so it is important to view the price on a holistic basis if considering investing in it as part of a balanced long-term portfolio. 

Gold Price per Gram FAQ

One gram of gold is currently priced at $59.44.

Kinesis’ live charts can be used to view how much 1 gram of gold is priced at today, with the option to select different currencies, time frames, and weights.

You can also view the gold price in ounces and kilos.

The gold rate per gram means that if you buy at today’s rate of $59.44 gram then a kilogram of 24-karat pure gold (1,000 grams) would equate to $59,440.00.

Kinesis’ live gold price charts present pricing data straight from the physical gold bullion market, which is aggregated across our global vaulting network.

Our live charts will help you find the best gold price per gram.

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Build your wealth in gold

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