Posted 22nd September 2020

Kinesis introduces new charting functionality to the Kinesis Mint

Kinesis Money mint platform trading silver dashboard

Kinesis introduces a series of charting enhancements to the Kinesis Mint.

We are very pleased to announce the important addition of new charting functionality to the Kinesis Mint. With the addition of TradingView charts, Kinesis minters can now access real-time charting, drawing tools, technical indicators and historical chart data for complete technical analysis.

The live updates to the Kinesis Mint, include:

  • New charting tools and technical analysis indicators.
  • Introduction of historical pricing data providing access to 30 years of weekly pricing, and more than 5 years of daily pricing. 
  • Relative mint volume now displayed on the chart in real-time.
  • Ounce pricing available on KAU for easy comparison to standard industry pricing.
  • Mint pricing now quoted in 1 KAU or 1 KAG price, rather than lots of 100 KAU or 200 KAG.
  • User Interface improvements for depth tables.

The live updates deliver Kinesis minters immediate access to analytical functionality and pricing displayed for simple comparison. The new enhancements enable our users to make informed purchasing decisions, with more functionality and greater efficiency.

We extend an invitation for you to explore the new and improved Kinesis Mint for yourself. 

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