Posted 18th June 2024

Kinesis launches ‘Talking Trades’ show with NorthStar BadCharts

talking trades

Kinesis is launching a new weekly show, Talking Trades, in collaboration with our partners, NorthStar BadCharts, available on the Kinesis X (formerly Twitter) channel, every Tuesday.  

The NorthStar BadCharts team (NSBC) consists of two industry-respected technical analysis experts, Kevin Wadsworth and Patrick Karim, who run the chart-driven trading education platform and technical analysis service. Each week, the two hosts will focus on educating audiences on precious metals and cryptocurrency market trends as well as offering insightful analysis and trading insights.

The first episode of Talking Trades is now available to watch here.

Talking Trades

With 30+ years’ of combined experience, Patrick and Kevin use ‘weight of evidence’ market analysis and trading methodologies to offer their predictions on market movements. Each episode will balance current market activity with a deeper analysis that aims to equip audiences with the best practices for trading the markets.

Audiences can watch Talking Trades on X (Twitter) every Tuesday for full-length seven-minute episodes, with smaller bite-sized instalments released on the Kinesis TikTok channel.

The new Twitter show builds on the success of our popular weekly YouTube show Live from the Vault, where precious metals expert and whistleblower, Andrew Maguire, pulls back the curtains of the precious metal markets and offers wholesale insights not found anywhere else.

Talking Trades will focus on bringing accessible market analysis to both experienced and new traders, while reaching new audiences on X and TikTok, with market trends and commentary shared in a digestible format.

Kinesis x NSBC Partnership

The existing Kinesis community can access an exclusive 50% discount on NSBC’s Premium and Premium Plus subscription offerings, which both offer a wealth of educational and trading advice for our users.

The Kinesis Exchange provides the perfect companion trading platform to NSBC’s technical analysis, education and learning initiatives available via the service. NSBC encourages traders wishing to apply their own gold, silver and crypto trading strategies, including ratio trading, to experience the Kinesis Exchange’s various benefits, including low premiums, instant trade execution and high-liquidity pairs.

You can access the special partnership offer here.

Reaching Precious Metal Enthusiasts & Crypto traders 

Talking Trades will bring together the communities of both Kinesis and NorthStar BadCharts along with existing enthusiasts in the precious metals and cryptocurrency trading spaces, inviting them to build upon the growing conversation about wealth protection on social media. While the great value provided to new and existing audiences has the potential to drive signups and trade volume – and, therefore, increase yields shared with all users, each month.

The ‘Talking Trades’ X show joins ‘Live from the Vault’ and our market updates in the stack of insightful, expert-driven content Kinesis produces every week. Kinesis is committed to increasing mainstream access to financial education and equipping listeners with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions. 

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The opinions expressed in Talking Trades by Patrick Karim & Kevin Wadsworth from NSBC do not purport to reflect the official policy or position of Kinesis. The Talking Trades series is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation, offering or recommendation of any security, commodity, derivative, investment management service or advisory service and is not a commodity trading invoice. This publication does not intend to provide investment advice, tax or legal advice on either a general or specific basis.