Posted 2nd July 2024

Kinesis Partner Program launches globally

Following a successful beta period, the Kinesis Partner Program is now launching globally – offering individuals and businesses everywhere the opportunity to earn ongoing, uncapped revenue, paid in gold and silver.

Central to the launch, the Partner’s Yield is now live with the first payment distributed to Partners, at the end of the month. All Partner Program earnings accrued since the start of the program in February 2024 will be paid retroactively.

With the partner program fully operational, individuals and businesses with relevant and engaged audiences can unlock passive and active income-generation opportunities. Partners are able to earn up to 25% share of all transaction fee revenue generated across their entire referral network.

Interested in becoming a Kinesis Partner? See our requirements here.

Partner’s Yield platform update

With the Partner’s Yield now live on the Kinesis platform, Partners can track their accrued earnings directly within the Kinesis platform. All Kinesis users can now view the Partner’s Yield on their Kinesis platform dashboard, including the monthly and all-time figures alongside the five existing yields of the Kinesis Monetary System. 

The Partner’s Yield is an evolution of our Referrer’s Yield, which all Kinesis users receive for introducing their friends and family to Kinesis. If an individual or business meets our requirements, they can apply to become a Partner. Upon successful application, the Partner tab replaces the Refer tab within their Kinesis account.

The Kinesis Partner Program

The Kinesis Partner Program is unique within the space, with an offering that presents an attractive revenue generation opportunity:

  • Earn up to 25% of their referral network’s transaction fees
  • Uncapped revenue
  • Payments in gold and silver
  • ½ ounce of silver (0.5 KAG) referral bonus*
  • Earn across multiple interactions – trading, spending, sending.
  • No minimum payouts 
  • Monthly automatic payments
  • Dedicated team of experienced Partner Managers
  • High-quality marketing and education resources
  • Track data with the Partner Management Platform 
  • Additional perks and benefits

See how much you could potentially earn as a Kinesis Partner with our yield calculator.

*T&Cs apply.

Introducing Partners

During the Beta testing period, an expansion to the Kinesis Partner Program saw the addition of Introducing Partners: Partners who may not necessarily have a large network themselves, but simply refer eligible Partners.

Additionally, Introducing Partners earn for connecting new Partners with the Kinesis Partner Program – earning 0.5% of the fee-generating activity of the individuals and businesses they introduce.

Partner Program update

After a smooth onboarding with our partner management team, the first cohort of Kinesis Partners is already welcoming new users into the Kinesis Monetary System. Our partners are on the ground, attending industry events and spreading the word about sound money with the people they meet. Our partners are creating content breaking down Kinesis and sharing it with their social media audiences. Every new referral, and every fee they generate, is tracked with their Kinesis Partner Program portal. This is just the beginning.

With our initial partners receiving their first monthly earnings, we invite individuals and businesses worldwide to join us in driving the transition to sound money. 

As more and more partners advocate for Kinesis, the program stands to serve as a powerful onboarding mechanism and volume driver for Kinesis – as ever, with more than half of every fee generated across the system, paid back to our users, each month.