Posted 9th August 2021

Kinesis has introduced Bitcoin Cash to the Kinesis Exchange

We are pleased to announce that Bitcoin Cash is now tradeable on the Kinesis Exchange.

This important addition to the Kinesis Monetary system allows Kinesis users to benefit from the broadening range of carefully selected and the most sought-after currencies on the crypto market.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available today, currently ranked among the top 15 of all cryptocurrencies, based on its market capitalisation.

How does Bitcoin Cash benefit Kinesis users?

Bitcoin Cash was created in 2017 as an alternative to Bitcoin with improved scalability and increased block size, which allows for better transaction processing and equips it with a powerful capacity for trading.

Bitcoin’s forking into Bitcoin Cash was a result of a drive to move the cryptocurrency into the future, anticipating increasing capacity demands for higher and faster rates of transaction. Bitcoin Cash is often dubbed as fulfilling Satoshi Nakamoto’s real vision of Bitcoin. Designed as an improved medium for daily transactions and multinational transfers, Bitcoin Cash is recognised as a truly borderless currency, with a growing global community of active users.

With leading marketplaces now accepting Bitcoin Cash as the standard method of payment, BCH makes a competitive addition to investors’ portfolios, particularly for those making frequent global transactions using crypto.

Trading Bitcoin Cash on Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis users can now trade Bitcoin Cash with a range of selected fiat pairs, as well as Kinesis native currencies KAU and KAG.

Bitcoin Cash market pairs now available on the Kinesis Exchange:

Bitcoin Cash BCH on Kinesis Exchange cryptocurrency trading investment money

More Trading Pairs to Come

Kinesis offers traders the ability to incorporate competitive cryptocurrencies into their portfolio, enabling diversification with a focus on selecting the most tradable currencies on the market.

Following today’s Bitcoin Cash listing, Kinesis will continue to expand the range of cryptocurrencies available on the Exchange even further.

Start trading Bitcoin Cash today.