Posted 18th October 2023

Silver Price News - Silver gains supported by ‘soft landing’ bet

Silver continued to make headway, with a move to $23 per ounce taking the price to levels last seen at the end of September.

Like gold, silver is a non-yielding asset, so recent US data suggesting that US interest rates might remain higher for longer could be considered a headwind to price appreciation as higher rates increase the opportunity cost of holding zero yield assets.

KAG 1oz – 1-hourly chart

However, Tuesday’s US data also signalled stronger retail sales, industrial production and manufacturing, all of which are broadly supportive of silver demand, c. 45-50% of which is derived from industrial applications.

Moreover, recent global economic data has also become more consistent with a ‘soft landing’ scenario with a firming trend in Asia. The Eurozone remains a laggard, though economic data is now disappointing by a smaller margin. It also seems highly likely that the next move in Eurozone rates will be down.

Thus, silver is currently benefiting from the prospect of both a cyclical pickup in industrial demand and the more secular growth prospects generated by new silver applications such as photovoltaics. A renewed bid for ‘safe haven’ assets, completes the current, supportive, demand dynamic.

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