Posted 12th January 2022

Gold & Silver Market Analysis for Wednesday 12th January

gold silver market analysis

Kinesis Money Macroeconomic Analysis

Yesterday, Jerome Powell appeared at the Senate for his re-nomination, as his second term mandate begins. In the hearing, he confirmed that the high rate of inflation was seen as a threat by the Federal Reserve, stating that the US central bank plans to raise interest rates this year in an attempt to run down its trillionaire balance sheet. 

It seems that the markets were already well aware of the inflation risk, especially after the minutes from the FOMC meeting last December were released. Powell was calm while stating that the Federal Reserve is expecting month-over-month inflation to be moderate in the months ahead. That being said, the year-over-year inflation figures could be on the way to reaching a historical average in the second part of 2022, after the recent rally in which a three-decade-high was reached. 

After a series of hawkish interventions, yesterday’s speech was, in fact, interpreted as slightly more on the dovish side. Although, the Fed remains on track for (at least) 3 rate hikes in 2022. The markets are currently pricing 3 rate increases with certainty, with the anticipation of an additional fourth hike (25 basis points) in December 2022. 

Overall, the market reaction was positive, with stock indices closing the day positively and Europe opening in green this morning. However, the US dollar has slowed its upwards climb, while the 10-year treasuries yields remained above 1.70%.

The focus is now moving to US inflation data (to be released at 14:30 CET), as a continuation of the price rally which could influence the Fed’s upcoming decisions.

Kinesis Money Gold Analysis

Following Jerome Powell’s intervention with the Senate, the gold price rebounded to reach a one-week-high. Despite the markets’ expectation that interest rates will rise significantly in the next few months, investors are showing a significant interest in gold.

Bullion jumped to $1,820 and is now just a dozen dollars off the resistance level placed at $1,830-$1,832. A clear surpass of this threshold would open space for new recoveries, while a signal of weakness would be evident with a decline to $1,800. 

kinesis chart 12 jan gold
Kinesis gold ($/g) chart – 1h – from Kinesis Exchange

Today’s main catalyst is likely to be the release of US inflation data. Any figures below expectations, could curb the dollar’s rebound and help gold continue on its path to recovery.

Kinesis Money Silver Analysis

Today, silver is now consolidating the recovery it has undergone over the last few days. The price seems to be stabilising between $22 and $23, while the risk zones of $22 and $21.5 are well out of reach. A surpass of $23 would certainly be a positive signal for silver, while the price currently remains in its consolidation phase.

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