Dealing rates & fees.

At Kinesis Money we’re committed to transparency and want our customers to know exactly which fees are applicable when they buy, sell, exchange, deposit and withdraw.

Trade execution fees

When using the Kinesis Exchange, all trade execution fees are inclusive of VAT and are set at a fixed 0.22% for all currency pairs

Wallet transfer fees

When transferring from your wallet, all transactions will incur a 0.45% fee

Account transfer fees

When transferring from your account, all transactions will incur a 0.45% fee

Withdrawl of crypto and fiat

Currency Withdrawal fee Minimum withdrawal amount
KAG 0 (standard 0.45% on-chain
transaction fee will be
charged + 100 stroops
0.1 KAG
KAU 0 (standard 0.45% on-chain
transaction fee will be
charged + 100 stroops
0.5 KAU
ETH 0.01 ETH 0.02 ETH
KVT 0.005 ETH 1 KVT
EUR €25 €100
USD $25 $100

On-chain transaction fees

The Kinesis network is a fork of the Stellar network, with custom on-chain transaction fees implemented. The on-chain transaction fee is set at 45 basis points (0.45%) and is applied to the KAU and KAG networks.

For example, let’s imagine 1 KAU is valued at $42 USD

Based on this valuation, the fee structure would be as follows:

Amount Transacted Transaction Fee (KAU) Transaction Fee (USD)
10 KAU 0.045 $1.90
100 KAU 0.45 $19.04
1000 KAU 4.5 $190.45

Monthly precious metal storage fees

Kinesis Money’s vast infrastructure boasts 9 vaults in 7 global locations. This allows us to offer customers ZERO storage fees on their precious metals.
Eliminate your storage fees today with Kinesis Money.

Exchanging physical for digital (EPD)

All EPD fees are waived until 31/12/2019.

If you currently hold gold or silver bullion you can easily bring it into Kinesis and still take advantage of the many benefits of the system. Allowing you to gain liquidity from your existing precious metals and enabling them to start earning a yield

Precious Metal EPD fee
Gold 0.10%
Silver 0.20%

Physical redemption

Physical redemption is the act of redeeming the underlying bullion attached to your Kinesis Digital Currencies. The bullion backing each and every Kinesis coin is independently comprehensively audited twice a year by world-renowned independent auditors. These audits are released as soon as they are completed and can easily be matched up against the blockchain ledger of each Kinesis currency.

Currency Withdrawal fee Minimum physical withdrawal amount
KAU 0.45% + $100 100g Gold
KAG 0.45% + $100 200oz Silver