Posted 1st December 2020

Minting KAU and KAG directly to Kinesis account enabled


Kinesis is excited to announce that users now have the option to mint directly to their Kinesis Money account.

Kinesis account holders now have the option to mint KAU or KAG directly to their Kinesis Money (KM) account, bypassing the requirement to mint to their standalone wallet entirely.

Kinesis users may still elect to mint to their standalone wallet. However, the new option to mint directly to a linked KM account significantly simplifies the minting process. Reducing the time involved when moving KAU or KAG to your KM account to trade, or load your virtual Kinesis VISA Card, from minutes to seconds.

The intention behind this release is to streamline the minting process by making it simpler and more efficient. Users will be prompted to change their preference for transfers from your mint to KM account, next time they place an order on the mint. The option can be simply toggled on or off from the settings page within the Kinesis Mint.

A 0.45% trade execution fee will be taken upon minting to KM platform or your standalone wallet. It should be noted that this trade execution fee will contribute to the yield pool.

Single sign-on (SSO) for KM platform and mint

In another enhancement to the minting process, Kinesis has further enhanced the connectivity between the KM platform and the Kinesis Mint, by enabling a Single Sign-on (SSO) for both platforms.

A SSO tokenized login enables users who are logged in to the KM to seamlessly access the mint without having to input a password or two-factor authentication (2FA) a second time.

In line with our efforts to make the process as smooth as possible, we have automatically completed the linking process for those users who have already signed up to the Mint, but had yet to link their KM and mint account.

If you want more detailed information on what minting is, the benefits, or how to do it, our Power of Minting page has all the answers you need – here.

Start minting today.