Posted 2nd December 2020

KVT available for purchase on Kinesis Exchange


Kinesis is listing Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVT), available for purchase on the Kinesis Exchange from today.

We are excited to announce that, as of today, the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) will be listed on the Kinesis Exchange for buy orders only.

KVT holders access a proportionate 20% share of every single transaction fee gathered across the entire Kinesis Monetary System. Limited to just 300,000 in circulation, the KVT entitles holders to the largest share of the Kinesis yield pool.

Kinesis users will have the opportunity to purchase the unique asset at a price of $1,200.*

KVT listing price

The increase in KVT listing price from $1000.00 to $1,200.00 is correlated with the growth of the Kinesis platform, and the resulting increased earning potential of the token. The advancement of the Kinesis system is evidenced in consistently increasing trade volumes, as well as the successful implementation of various products and partnerships, with the potential to stimulate substantial velocity within the system.

Significant milestones reached in our 2020 roadmap:

  • Indonesian roll out (still in progress)
  • Platform and Exchange redevelopment
  • Virtual Kinesis VISA card launch 
  • US physical Kinesis VISA card launch

Kinesis may incrementally increase the listing price of the KVT, as volume within the Kinesis Monetary System continues to grow.

* The purchase of KVT is not available to non-accredited US citizens or residents. 

What is the source of the KVTs?

As of today, Kinesis will be listing a remaining portion of unused KVTs from the Bounty, Marketing, Advisors pools, on the Kinesis Exchange.

We understand the absolute necessity to provide the Kinesis community with complete transparency on the source of the additional KVTs made available today.

As stipulated in the Kinesis blueprint (see pg. 42), Kinesis documented the quantity of KVTs allocated for each purpose within the Token Allocation pool. The source of the KVTs made available on the Kinesis Exchange today are the residual balances from the Advisors, Bounty Campaign and ICO Marketing allocations of the Token Allocation pool.

KVT purchase only

At this time, the Kinesis Velocity Token will only be available on the Kinesis Exchange for purchase.

Kinesis has listed KVTs as buy only to bring in additional participation into the Kinesis monetary system. The decision to offer greater access to the KVTs was reached, as a result of a great deal of interest from within the Kinesis community and beyond to access the earning potential of the KVT.

Free trading of KVTs will commence once the yield system, banking and enhanced exchange components of the Kinesis system are brought online in 2021.

For more information on the Kinesis Velocity Token please visit here.

As transactional velocity continues to grow with the Kinesis system, so too, will the yields KVT holders receive. Considering the multitude of integrations and partnerships Kinesis is implementing globally, the Kinesis Velocity Token presents a revenue generation opportunity like no other.

Now that opportunity has been extended to the entire Kinesis Community. Secure one of the KVTs available in time for the yield engine coming online in Q1 2021.

Secure your KVTs today.