Kinesis roadmap

The Kinesis roadmap displays important milestones and significant stages of development in chronological order.

Mint to Kinesis Money platform USD auto-withdrawal
Additional yields deployed
Additional Fiat and Crypto listings
Additional debit card regions brought online
Full Kinesis Mint integration into Kinesis Money System
Mint transaction reporting integration into Kinesis Money System
Kinesis Money platform CSV trade exports
Holding statement
Account balance statement
UK & EU Kinesis Visa card launch
Blockchain explorer enhancements
Holder’s yield deployed
Additional cryptocurrency listings
Yield Engine and 1st yield comes online: Minter’s Yield deployed
UK & EU physical Kinesis VISA card and banking program launch
Kinesis white label banking application development
New Kinesis website rollout
US Physical Kinesis VISA card and banking programs launch
Merchant services for debit card deposits
Kinesis Exchange upgrade
Crypto deposit and withdrawal enhancements
KYC identity verification upgrade
KEM launch – the Kinesis Emerald token launched in partnership with Seabury Asset Management
Users can Mint directly to their Kinesis Money accounts
Physical debit card program – USA
Mobile banking wallet and hybrid banking system
New partner Integration – To be revealed
New Kinesis Explorer user interface
New partner Integration – To be revealed
Physical debit card programme – Europe and UK
Physical debit card program – Africa
Yield engine core comes online
Minters Yield first yield to be activated
New partner Integration – To be revealed
Stellar specialist development team come online – improve blockchain, Nodes, Core, Explorer
Global virtual debit card mobile platform
Re-branded Minting platform release
New Charts (Trading view)
Updated UI
Improved sign and Verify system
One click mint withdrawals from Kinesis Money platform to mint
Biometrics added to Kinesis Mobile app
New Kinesis Money platform – new user interface and features
Exchange optimisations and historical chart data
Debit Card deposit facility comes online in exchange and mint
BTC + USDT added to the Kinesis Exchange
Indonesian integrations go live with POS GO, internal rollout initiative
New Kinesis Exchange interface
Global debit card – virtual
Kinesis mobile app public launch
Kinesis passes first third party independent metals audit