Posted 26th October 2021

Kinesis Partners with Panama-based Provider Atlas Vaults

Kinesis is pleased to announce a new partnership with Atlas Vaults and Atlas Brokers, expanding the global Kinesis Vaulting Network into Latin America.

By joining forces with the leading Panama-based vaulting provider, broker and trading hub, Kinesis is introducing the Atlas Group’s considerable client base to the Kinesis Monetary system. The partnership is set to bring superior value and returns to Atlas Vaults and Kinesis clients, as well as citizens across South and Central America.

Central to the partnership, Kinesis is introducing the 13th storage facility into its global vaulting network, which now spans 9 countries.

New Global Trading Hub

Redemption and Deposit

The location and proximity of the vaulting facility will enable Latin American citizens to face significantly reduced delivery costs, when depositing or redeeming bullion. This gives local investors a feasible option between chargeless storage in Kinesis vaulted facilities, or redemption of their precious metals, if they should so choose. 

In addition, Kinesis’ redemption fees and minimum withdrawal requirements are amongst some of the lowest redemption fees globally, giving system users greater access to their physical bullion. 

Kinesis in Latin America

With a history of episodic hyperinflation and current, prolonged inflation in the LatAm region, the Kinesis ecosystem will reduce barriers of entry for those wishing to experience the stability and safety of precious metals investment. 

As part of Kinesis’ provision for Latin American users, the soon-to-launch Spanish version of the Kinesis Money site will introduce the entire Kinesis product suite in their native language.

The expected influx of Latin American clients is set to trigger an increase in global transactional activity within the Kinesis Monetary System, contributing to the yields of all Kinesis users globally. 

Remember, transaction volume will be further strengthened by the upcoming launch of the Kinesis Velocity Yield, which rewards users for trading and spending with Kinesis.

Future Projects 

Following the launch of the Atlas Vault and Atlas Brokers partnership, Kinesis looks to continue to broaden its vaulting network throughout selected regions globally.