Posted 15th April 2021

Final Public Minting Offer (PMO) now active.

We are pleased to announce that the final PMO is now underway.

As of today, 15th April, 10:00 am GMT, the final KVTs under the current PMO were issued, triggering the commencement of the final Public Minting Offer (PMO).

We are releasing this final KVT offering to the community in order to allow users to continue to benefit until the yield engine comes online in Q2. This final extension to the PMO will remain running with amended terms of 1 KVT for each $75,000 minted.

This increase in capital cycles comes as we release the last 5,000 (only) KVTs that will ever be made available to the public from mint cycling. Now is an opportune moment to access the enhanced benefits of the PMO:

  • Access 3X Minters Yield.
  • Receive a KVT for each $75,000 minted.

It’s important to remember, minters are able to recycle the same capital through the minting process, over and over, enabling them to achieve the threshold more easily.

Please visit our mint page for a step-by-step minting walkthrough led by none other than Andrew Maguire.

Start minting today.

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