Posted 19th July 2021

KVT for EPD Offer Bonus Terms

KVT for EPD Offer

Costs covered for transfer of bullion into Kinesis vaults

Kinesis is pleased to offer 1 KVT to existing bullion investors who transfer their bullion holdings to Kinesis under the EPD process and mint Kinesis currencies, where their costs incurred for moving such bullion exceed US $1,000.

If you are storing metal at another approved location and would like to move your metal to Kinesis and mint Kinesis currencies, please contact us for further details.

In order to qualify you must:

  • Comply with the ABX Quality Assurance Framework for the bullion deposit process;
  • Provide an invoice from an approved transport agent showing the details of the costs incurred for bullion transport, in excess of US $1,000;
  • Mint your deposited bullion into KAU or KAG during the KVT for EPD Offer.

Please note that Kinesis may change or discontinue this offer at any time during the KVT for EPD Offer at its discretion, whereby it would communicate this decision via email, its website and the recognised Kinesis Telegram group.

Any person availing themselves of this offer and having the ability to mint by buying Kinesis Currency or transferring bullion for EPD is required to have signed up to the Terms of Use and completed KYC as appropriate during the application process.