Posted 27th September 2021

Dash now tradeable on the Kinesis Exchange

dash coin image

We are happy to announce that Dash coin (DASH) is now tradeable on the Kinesis Exchange. 

As we continue to expand the range of virtual currencies in offering for Kinesis users, this important addition will further enrich the selection of the most in-demand crypto coins, available to trade globally.

Dash established itself as a top 15 cryptocurrency early this year, according to its market capitalisation, making this exciting news for crypto investors on the platform. 

What makes Dash unique?

Dash came onto the crypto scene as a fork of Bitcoin, with the aim of building a digitally scalable payment system that would resolve the two greatest issues of earlier cryptocurrencies: the speed of crypto transactions and heightened security for crypto holders.

Although based on Bitcoin, Dash uses a two-tier network structure enabling a dramatically improved efficiency, which allows for better transaction processing and equips it with a powerful capacity for trading. As a result, Dash offers remarkably fast payments worldwide, with an average transactional speed of just above 1 second.

Additionally, Dash, whose name reflects the idea of “Digital Cash”, focuses greatly on privacy protection as well as an enhanced user experience. The virtual coin aims to provide a level of privacy equal to cash, which makes Dash a preferred method of payment globally.

Kinesis Money users can now send, spend, receive and trade their Dash coins via the Kinesis Exchange, housing them in their respective DASH Wallets, for the ease of completing crypto transactions on a global scale. 

Trading Dash crypto on the Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis users can now trade DASH with a range of selected fiat pairs, as well as gold and silver-backed Kinesis native currencies, KAU and KAG. 

table with DASH crypto and fiat pairs, including USD, EUR, GBP, KAU & KAG

More Trading Pairs to Come

Kinesis will continue to widen the selection of cryptocurrencies on the Kinesis Exchange, to offer investors the most competitive crypto trading options on the market. 

With further cryptocurrency listings scheduled later this year, Kinesis investors will have the opportunity to diversify and enhance their crypto portfolio.