Posted 22nd January 2021

Why mint with Kinesis?


Find out all of the ways minting has changed precious metals provision  – and exactly how you can benefit.

For as long it has existed, precious metals provision has faced a number of challenges. Many of which were thought inseparable from the properties of gold and silver themselves.

It goes without saying that the value of physical gold and silver bullion necessitates secure vaulted storage, which brings with it poor liquidity and high storage costs. The inaccessibility and expense of traditional allocated bullion storage, act as barriers for many potential investors and traders. These shortcomings in provision cause most precious metals investors and traders to accept the counterparty risk of unallocated gold and silver, such as Gold ETFs and Silver ETFs.

Another historic drawback of precious metals investment is the lack of yield. For example, investors must weigh up the costs of storing allocated physical gold bullion, against its merits as a hedge or a long term investment. Meanwhile, the difficulty of accessing large quantities of fairly priced physical bullion in tight markets, serves as a further deterrent.

The wider precious metals industry has gone some way to address the individual challenges of gold and silver provision, but is yet to offer a complete solution. Kinesis brings together value, access, security and innovative profitability, providing investors and traders with allocated physical gold and silver provision unequalled in the space.

The provision of Kinesis is exemplified perfectly in minting, the process of creating Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies. Through minting, Kinesis provides a lucrative access point to the chargeless storage and instant liquidity of Kinesis precious metals provision.


For the first time in economic history, Kinesis has derived a yield from physical gold and silver bullion. In the case of minting, Kinesis minters can access a lifelong passive yield calculated from a percentage of all transaction fees collected across the Kinesis system.

Prior to Kinesis’ conception, precious metals traders could only generate profits speculating on price movement, while investors held on to gold and silver for long-term gains. Kinesis yield-sharing technology has transformed gold and silver from assets solely of trade or investment into assets that generate a passive yield.

Now Kinesis users have the option to mint the gold and silver they wish to trade or hold. In this way, Kinesis users are able to profit from precious metals investment or trading, while earning an additional recurring yield of gold and silver paid into their account monthly.

Access to Physical bullion

With each order in the Kinesis Mint, a minter brings new physical gold bullion (100g) or silver bullion (200oz) into the Kinesis monetary system. Minting provides Kinesis users with immediate access to large quantities of allocated physical gold and silver bullion, even in the tightest of markets.

Kinesis is able to offer a constant, immediate supply of physical bullion supply due to our strategic partner, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX). ABX is a leading electronic institutional exchange for allocated physical precious metals, with over 10 years of experience facilitating global trade.

Even in periods of exceptional global demand, ABX is able to provide Kinesis minters with a guaranteed instant access point to allocated physical gold and silver bullion.

gold and silver bullion

Bringing value to precious metals investors

Once new gold and silver is minted, the unique value permeating all aspects of the Kinesis system becomes ever more apparent.

Traditional allocated physical bullion storage providers are typically very costly, with banks charging as much as 1.5% annually. In an industry first, Kinesis provides securely vaulted allocated physical gold and silver bullion with all storage costs covered.

Kinesis has made chargeless storage possible, through eliminating storage costs with a share of global transactions fees charged across the system. Additionally, the robust infrastructure of Kinesis’ bullion vaulting network, which covers all major trading hubs globally, assists in offsetting storage costs.

Precious metals investors and traders no longer have to choose between the assurance of allocated gold and the value of unallocated gold, such as Gold ETFs or Silver ETFs. In offering allocated physical gold bullion and silver bullion, without storage costs or counterparty risk, Kinesis offers value and assurance unseen in the space.

Access your physical gold and silver

Kinesis offers users immediate liquidity of their physical holdings through a number of innovative access points, bypassing the inefficiencies of archaic industry infrastructure.

Through the Kinesis Exchange, Kinesis enables the immediate, seamless and low-cost trade of allocated physical gold and silver bullion. Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies allow users to trade in physical gold and silver as simply and cost-effectively as paper gold and silver.

The Kinesis VISA card presents Kinesis users with another avenue of instant liquidity, enabling cardholders to spend physical gold and silver for everyday payments. Kinesis cardholders eliminate the minimum requirements, high costs, and inefficiencies from withdrawing, and spending, physical gold and silver bullion.

While offering more efficient routes to liquidity, Kinesis and ABX understand the absolute necessity of physical redemption in gold and silver provision. As a matter of imperative assurance, Kinesis provides physical redemption of all precious metals underpinning our gold and silver-based digital currencies.*

Kinesis brings instant, technologically-driven liquidity to precious metals trading and investment. In combining physical gold and silver with blockchain technology, Kinesis has created the ideal solution for investors and traders alike.

Minting provides Kinesis users with a dependable and uniquely lucrative access point to allocated physical gold and silver bullion. All securely stored with unrivalled value and innovative digital access native to the Kinesis monetary system.

Kinesis offers minters groundbreaking profitability, chargeless storage and instant liquidity, distinguishing Kinesis from all other iterations of precious metals provision so far.

If you want a video run-through of what minting is, the benefits, or how to do it, our Power of Minting page has all the answers you need – here.

Start minting today.