Introducing a new way of trading gold and silver.

Kinesis digitalised physical gold and silver enable instant, low-cost trade and liquidity of allocated precious metals.

Fully allocated
Instantly spendable
Segregated Funds
Kinesis Gold Price


Kinesis Silver Price


Get more from your trading

Trade allocated precious metals with access, value and innovative features not found anywhere else.

Tight spreads

Some of the tightest spreads in the precious metals industry, globally.

Low trade execution fee

Trade physical gold and silver with a 0.22% trade execution fee.

Professional interface

A fast, intuitive platform built for the needs of professional traders.

No storage fees

All storage fees eliminated by a share of global transaction fees.

Trade physical instantly

Access immediate liquidity on spot physical precious metals.

Yield for holding or spending

While trading, earn a yield on gold and silver from global transactions fees.

*subject to minimum withdrawal requirements and fees apply.

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Bringing everyday utility to your precious metals.

Immediately liquidate and start spending your physical gold and silver, with the Kinesis VISA.
Spend in 195 countries.
No sign up or monthly fees.
Top-up fee of 0.22% - only.
Unlimited top-ups of up to $500.

A diverse trading ecosystem

Stabilise your portfolio in physical gold or silver, or trade between an ever-expanding range of pairs.
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT)
Euro (€) and US dollar ($)
Pound (£) coming soon
New Kinesis Emerald token coming soon

Earn a yield, simply for holding gold.

Access a historic passive yield on all of your gold and silver, calculated from a share of global transaction fees.
Paid monthly

A monthly yield paid into your Kinesis account in physical gold and silver.

Your yields grow with the system

The more transactions globally, the more paid into your account monthly.

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Trade on the go.

Download the Kinesis mobile app to trade digitalised physical gold and silver, wherever you are in the world.