The Power of Minting.

Switch on the limitless earning potential of gold and silver.

What is minting?
Let’s start from the beginning, what is minting all about?
Why mint?
A deep dive into the power of minting and all of the benefits.
How to mint?
Understand how to mint and get started with our walkthrough.

A journey to help you understand minting.

What is minting?

Take a look at our new video featuring precious metals specialist, Andrew Maguire.
The gold expert takes a simple approach to help you understand exactly what minting is.

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This minting webinar will feature precious metals industry experts who will be discussing WHAT minting is and all the benefits of minting. Stay tuned!
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Questions & Answers

What is minting?

Minting is the process of creating Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG. Kinesis users can deposit fiat or existing bullion in the Kinesis Mint, which is then converted into digital physical gold (KAU) or digital physical silver (KAG).

When users mint, Kinesis purchases physical gold and silver bullion on behalf of the user, which is stored in our world-class vaulting facilities and represented on the blockchain as KAU or KAG.

Minting enables users to bring more KAU and KAG into the Kinesis monetary system, as opposed to purchasing existing KAU or KAG.

What’s the difference between buying KAU or KAG and minting KAU or KAG?

When a Kinesis user purchases Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies on the Kinesis Exchange, they are purchasing existing KAU or KAG held by another Kinesis user.

Minting is the process of creating completely new KAU or KAG, and bringing that KAU or KAG into the Kinesis system.

When a user mints, Kinesis purchases physical bullion on their behalf, which is stored in our world-class vaulting facilities in their name, and digitalised on the blockchain, as KAU or KAG.

In a tight market, how does Kinesis access physical bullion when a user mints?

Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is the parent company of Kinesis. ABX has over 10 years of experience facilitating the trade of precious metals on a global scale.

When a user mints, ABX simply transfers ownership of physical bullion 1:1 to the Kinesis user who has minted that KAU or KAG.

Who will be providing the audits, and how often?

Under the ABX Quality Assurance Framework (QAF), semi-annual audits are performed by leading global physical commodity audit and inspection specialist Inspectorate, a Bureau Veritas company.

ABX has been developed to provide the highest levels of transparency, accessibility and accountability with respect to all services associated with the provision of trading, storing and transporting bullion in connection with the Exchange.

Where exactly is my gold and/or silver stored?

The physical precious metal, on which the Kinesis currencies (KAG and KAU) are based, are stored within fully insured, world-class vaulting facilities in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Zurich and New York. Furthermore, this bullion is stored under safekeeping agreements on behalf of the legal beneficial owner with the title always being maintained by the holder – these vaults are fully audited and quality assured.

What are the storage fees associated?

There are no storage fees for Kinesis users’ physical gold and silver, for life.

All storage fees are eliminated by the robust infrastructure of the Kinesis bullion vaulting network, and a share of global transaction fees charged across the Kinesis system.

What are KAU and KAG?

The Kinesis digital currencies (KAG and KAU,) have been designed for use in the real world, by everyday people.

Gold Payment Currency (KAU)
1 fine gram gold contract and token, consisting of gold cast bars of a minimum fineness of 9999, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX Quality Assurance Framework, table of Approved Refiner List.

Silver Payment Currency (KAG)
1 oz silver contract and token, consisting of silver cast bars of a minimum fineness of 999, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX Quality Assurance Framework, table of Approved Refiner List.

Where can I get some updates from Kinesis’ development?

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Minting made simple.

How to mint?

Minting allows Kinesis users to earn rewards for creating new KAU and KAG in the system.
To start minting all you need to do is create a Kinesis Money account and then sign up for the Kinesis Mint.
Follow the user guide below, created to walk you through the process.

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The how-to mint webinar will navigate users on how to get through the minting process for creating your own Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG.
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Now you understand everything about minting, let’s review and ensure you completed the 4 steps to get you onboard.

Frequently asked questions

How are my currencies tied 1:1 to gold and silver?

Each Kinesis KAU and KAG is directly allocated with the corresponding weight of physical precious metal. This allocation is always on a 1:1 ratio. Allocated legal title remains with the holder of the Kinesis currency, ensuring that proportional ownership of the allocated gold and silver always resides with the KAU and KAG holders. The bullion behind the Kinesis digital currencies will never appear on the Kinesis balance sheet, this reduces counterparty risk when choosing to hold your bullion with Kinesis.

The Kinesis currencies are the next best thing to owning gold or silver in your hand, but with the added benefits of online access, trading, real-world application, and the security of fortified vaulting.

Kinesis currencies are not a “paper metal” product, which means that your metal ownership is not dependent upon the ability of, for example, an exchange-traded fund (ETF), contract for difference (CFD), or commodity future to obtain and redeem metal for you when you want to sell it.

How can I get access to my gold or silver?

Kinesis currency holders are fully entitled to redeem the underlying bullion that the KAU & KAG are based on, subject to minimum withdrawal requirements.

Kinesis currencies are allocated 1:1 with investment grade, allocated physical precious metal. This is confirmed semi-annually via independent professional audit.

We provide redemption of the underlying bullion using logistic partners Loomis, Brinks and Malca-Amit.

Redeeming bullion simultaneously destroys the digital representation of the bullion and removes the respective currency from circulation.

How do I know the bullion is actually being held 1:1 at one of your 9 vaults?

All physical gold and silver bullion underpinning Kinesis currencies is fully allocated, and sits in Independently audited and Insured world-class vaulting facilities, which cover all the major trading hubs globally.

Kinesis understands the necessity of complete transparency. All bullion has a verified audit trail and is stored in regularly audited, transparent holdings systems, with verification in place. All gold and silver bullion undergoes biannual multi-layered third-party audits, by leading global physical commodity audit and inspection specialist, Inspectorate International, a Bureau Veritas company.

Please visit our audit page, and see the results of our latest audit.

Can I make a deposit of my personally held physical bullion at the Kinesis vault?

If you have eligible existing bullion holdings at an ABX approved location (subject to conditions within the ABX Quality Assurance Framework), you can exchange that physical metal for Kinesis currencies.

There are many benefits to bringing your precious metals into the Kinesis Monetary System, which will now enable you to earn fee-sharing yields on your physical precious metal, as well as the ability to spend and send your digital gold/silver instantaneously, anywhere in the world, all while taking advantage of ZERO storage fees.

Can I Mint with the ability to fund via credit card?

Minted Kinesis currencies can be used to top up your Kinesis virtual debit card from within the Kinesis Money platform.

The debit card currently supports USD so any currency used to top up the card will be converted to USD ready for spending.

When and why you should invest via the Exchange versus the Mint?

If you are interested in purchasing large amounts of gold or silver, the Mint is the best place for you to do so. With minimum purchases of 100 KAU, 200 KAG, lots, minters are incentivised to create Kinesis currencies with the reward of a minters yield.

Providing the holder with a 15% share of all transaction fees accumulated by the system, paid back proportionally.

Are you on the stellar network or did you fork it?

The Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG, have been built on our bespoke fork of the Stellar network.

There was one defining objective that needed to be met with this choice, and this is the ability for Kinesis currencies to function as the high velocity, globally used currencies that form the basis for the Monetary System that Kinesis is pioneering. Stellar met these primary needs in a number of ways, both technical and algorithmic, but at the core of the decision lies 3 overarching reasons.

To learn more about why we selected the Stellar network, click here.

Can I purchase KAG/KAU with both FIAT AND deposit my bullion?

You can mint Kinesis currencies with your choice of fiat or bullion. You are unable to use both methods simultaneously for minting.

How can I withdraw funds from my Kinesis Money exchange account directly to my Mint account?

The Kinesis Money auto mint withdrawal feature enables instant withdrawals of your exchange funds directly to your mint account.

This feature is now accessible via the Accounts section of the Kinesis Money platform, from within your USD account. Under the withdrawal tab, you now have the option to transfer funds to your Kinesis mint account.

Benefits of minting

Why mint with Kinesis?

Now all Kinesis users can mint Kinesis currencies and take advantage of the benefits of the Public Minting Offer (PMO). Providing a 3X Minters Yield on all minted currency as well as a KVT* for each $75,000 minted
*KVTs not available to non-accredited US investors.

Coming soon...

The why mint webinar will navigate users on how to get through the minting process for creating your own Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG.
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Coming soon...

This interview will explain the benefits of minting between industry experts and precious metals specialists.
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Public Minting Offer (PMO)

Receive 1 KVT

For every US$75,000 in KAU or KAG you Mint during the PMO period

Bonus KVT

Existing bullion bonus awarding KVT to cover expenses

Limited 3x multiplier on minted currencies

For all KAU and KAG currencies Minted during the PMO

Now all Kinesis users can mint Kinesis currencies (KAU & KAG) and take advantage of the benefits of the PMO.

During the PMO period, all minters will qualify to receive the PMO Minters yield, which provides a 3x multiplier effect to the Kinesis Currencies you mint.

If you have existing bullion you are storing with another approved provider, we will cover the cost of moving over to Kinesis, with a range of bonuses.

PMO is set to end once all 5, 000 allotted KVTs have been claimed.

Trust and security

Allocated legal title to bullion
Fully redeemable
9 vaults in 7 global locations
Audits conducted by ABX
Full quality assurance framework
ABX approved bullion
Now you understand what minting is and why you should be minting, continue the journey with ‘how to mint’ and explore the process further.
Now you understand what minting is, learn all of the profitable benefits associated with minting