Posted 11th May 2022

Silver Finally Finds Respite as Price Rises From 2020 Lows Ahead of US Inflation Data

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Silver is finally receiving some respite from traders after being punished by seemingly every macroeconomic and geopolitical indicator since the middle of May.

Having sunk from comfortably above $25 an ounce to just above $21 an ounce in less than a month, the price has perked back up to $21.60 an ounce in early Wednesday trading.

Today’s buying interest is a reflection of how undervalued silver has become, having sunk to levels not seen since July 2020. How far these initial gains can extend will likely be determined by the market’s reaction to the US inflation figure due out later today.

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Expectations are that inflation in April will come in slightly lower than March’s figure but still above 8%, a very high level historically and well above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.

In this inflationary environment, the Fed has been forced to implement a series of interest rate hikes and reduce its balance sheet, reducing the appeal of non-yield bearing assets like silver.

Yet with the fundamental case for silver still strong, investors are starting to realise that silver still has an attractive investment case as a key material for the burgeoning solar energy sector, a potential hedge against inflation as well as a defensive asset to hold in case of any escalation of the war in Ukraine. In this context, a quick recovery back above $22 an ounce and onwards is highly possible.

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