Posted 27th September 2023

Silver Price News: Silver Looking Downward in Face of Strong Dollar, High Rates

silver looking downward in face of strong dollar

Silver has sunk back below $23 an ounce with the uptick that initially kicked off the week proving fleeting.

Silver is still having to battle against a strong US dollar and high-interest rates, both of which are bearish factors for the precious metal. With no immediate likelihood of the greenback suddenly weakening and with interest rates set to remain at their current levels for the next few months, the macroeconomic environment is likely to remain challenging for silver for a while yet.

silver kag on the Kinesis exchange
Silver ($/oz) price – 3-month view – from Kinesis Exchange

Today’s move downward is more likely linked to gold’s own drop below $1,900 an ounce than any fresh sell-off specific to silver. Indeed if silver was solely priced on the fundamental supply and demand balance, the metal would be trading significantly higher as mining operations are failing to keep up with industrial demand for this highly conductive element.

This push and pull on silver where a strong fundamental case has been more than offset the bearish macroeconomic environment has been going on for the last year or so and is likely to remain that way. As such, while silver still has the potential to climb sharply higher, investors hoping for a rally have had numerous false dawns with any change to this narrative unlikely.

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