Posted 24th November 2021

Gold & Silver Market Analysis - Wednesday 24th November

gold silver market analysis

Kinesis Money Macroeconomic Analysis

These pre-emptive expectations generated a further rally from the greenback. Furthermore, the dollar index, which measures the strength of the US dollar against a basket of other currencies, has jumped above 96. Reaching its highest level since July 2020, the dollar now remains steady at 96.6. 

Meanwhile, the US 10 Year Treasury yield accelerated to the previous rate of 1.60% – market sentiment must suspect that the first-rate raise from the Federal Reserve is imminent.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden renominated Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, in what will be his second term. This decision does not imply that there will be any imminent change of monetary policy. Although, it has been understood by the markets as confirmation that restrictive monetary policies have only just begun.

Kinesis Money Gold Analysis

In the last few days, the technical picture for bullion has taken a hit. Indeed, gold could not hold out in the lateral range of $1,830 – 1,875. It fell below the support level of $1,830, accelerating to test and break down the following support zone of $1,800.

Kinesis gold chart 4 hour from Kinesis Exchange shows bullion takes a hit but showing signals for rebound
Kinesis Gold Chart ($/g) – 4h – from Kinesis Exchange

After reaching a low of $1,780, gold is now showing some interesting rebound signals. Furthermore, gold moved closer to the former support, and now resistance zone, of $1,800.

Notably, gold is 4% cheaper than it was a week ago, and some investors are clearly trying to “buy the dips” – investor slang for when an asset has dropped in price. In their hopes for further rebounds, investors are confident even though the technical scenario is currently more uncertain. Moreover, the strength of the dollar and rising Treasury yields could, in fact, generate further volatility on bullion in the weeks to come.

Kinesis Money Silver Analysis

The silver price is settling down after yesterday’s debacle seen on the market. Losing 3% of its value with a fall to $23.5, the decline shows silver presented with the same influencing factors as gold. In particular, silver has taken a hit from the prevailing strength of the US Dollar. In addition to this, public sentiment surrounding the Federal Reserve’s next moves has also resulted in this significant decline. 

The silver market price has managed to temporarily halt a correction, after reaching a low of $23.3. Technically, there is a key support zone placed at $23.1-23.3, which will be crucial for silver; silver may hold out on these levels in order to make a quick rebound. However, there is always the chance for an alternative, with the possibility of further decline. 

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