Posted 8th November 2021

Gold & Silver Market Analysis for Monday 8th November

gold silver market analysis

Kinesis Money Macroeconomic Analysis

Investors seem to have appreciated the dovish stance taken by the central banks of late. With the tapering process being largely expected, and now fully instigated, by the Federal Reserve, the proceeding response from the financial markets has been moderate. Furthermore, the Fed made some particularly dovish comments about interest rates, with movement set to remain close to zero until the end of 2022. 

Kinesis Money Gold Analysis

The gold chart speaks for itself. Bullion has regained its momentum, achieving its best week in over two months and closing Friday’s trading session above $1,815. All this happened, notably, just after the Federal Reserve announced a new tapering.

Gold chart – ($/g) – from Kinesis Exchange

From a technical point of view, the scenario has improved. Even if buyers have not yet been able to push the price above the key $1,830 resistance zone, the gold price has already surpassed $1,813 – the high reached on the 22nd of October. It jumped up to $1,819, as investors were willing to further increase their exposure to the precious metal.

Now, bullion is close to the key resistance zone of $1,830 per ounce (or $58.8-59 per gram), which has already stopped gold rebounding three times in the last few months. Hence, a surpass of this threshold would open further space for new recoveries. 

As observed in the chart – representing the gold price in dollars per gram – if bullion can surpass the obstacle represented by the resistance zone of $59 per gram, further recoveries can be expected. 

Kinesis Money Silver Analysis

Silver has started the new week in a relatively steady position. Remember, it finished last week by jumping to $24.25, with the weekly performance up by 1.7%. This performance did little to shine a light on the future outlook for silver.

Last Wednesday, the low silver reached at $23.05 has since recovered by almost 5%. However, the recent high of $24.9 still remains to be the first main target for silver, while it finds an intermediate resistance zone at $23.67. If the price can exceed these levels, there could be space for new rallies. 

He also writes as a technical analyst for the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

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