Posted 5th November 2021

Gold & Silver Market Analysis for Friday 5th November

gold silver market analysis

Tapering Means Tapering – or a “Taper Tantrum”

The reaction seen in the financial market in response to tapering could have been drastically different. Although, investors were not surprised this time around, and have been heavily preparing for the beginning of the process that will reduce liquidity in the system.

The Federal Reserve was conscious of risking another “taper tantrum”, similar to the one witnessed in 2013 where the panicked reaction from the financial markets occurred after a tapering announcement. The Fed, therefore, proceeded with extreme caution before revealing the upcoming tapering. 

Some members of the board stated this intention in July 2021, before Jerome Powell explained further in the Jackson Hole Symposium (a meeting focusing on important economic issues facing world economies) in late August. 

Before all this became the reality, public anticipation was left to build over the course of three months. 

It is worth mentioning that the market reaction was significant, as gold recovered the loss seen the day before, returning close to $1,800. Silver bounced back to $23.8, which indicates that the markets seem to have digested the fact of tapering so far.

Later today, this busy week will close with US labour data and a particular focus on the NFP (non-farm payrolls).

Kinesis Money Gold Analysis

The bullion price has shown some interesting signals of consolidation this week. Unlike in 2013, the post-announcement phase after the beginning of tapering saw bullion remain relatively steady, with a modest decline.

Gold chart from Kinesis Exchange – 4h chart – ($/g)

On the other hand, some dovish words from the BoE and Fed were enough to trigger a rebound. Gold remained above the key resistance of $1,750, attempting a rebound to $1,800, with the technical picture appearing relatively solid.

Kinesis Money Silver Analysis

Once again, silver was able to surprise the markets, rebounding to $23.8 with the technical picture appearing fragile. 

A new recovery above $24 would represent a positive signal for silver, with the trend slightly unclear after the recent rebound was stopped by the key resistance zone of $24.9.

As mentioned in our previous analyses, the outlook for silver remains solid. It is true that the supply is growing, but at the same time, the demand coming from photovoltaic technology and electric cars is strong. Most likely, this demand will continue to rise in the next few years.

He also writes as a technical analyst for the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

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