Posted 22nd September 2023

Gold Price News: Gold Slips on Fed’s Hawkish Stance

gold news price slips on fed hawkish stance

Gold saw a minor retracement to $1927 an ounce as the Fed’s ‘hawkish pause’ on Wednesday proved more hawkish than expected.

While rates remain on hold for now, Federal Reserve Chair Powell signalled that a further rate hike might be expected later in the year and interest rates could remain elevated for longer than the market was anticipating. This ‘higher for longer’ narrative is also consistent with recent developments at other major central banks.

gold kau feature image on kinesis exchange
Gold ($/g) price – 3-month view – from Kinesis Exchange

As a non-yielding asset, higher interest rates usually prove to be a headwind for gold prices as they increase the opportunity cost of holding the yellow metal. Higher US rates also typically lend support to the US dollar and so put pressure on the dollar’s gold price.

Nevertheless, we continue to note the remarkable resilience of gold under these market conditions.

The price retracement has been limited to just $3 per ounce and gold has traded consistently above $1900 per ounce for nearly a month. With ‘peak rates’ now likely to be seen by the end of the year, gold should have better fundamental support going into 2024.

In the meantime, gold is enjoying substantial technical support from central bank reserve managers and speculative buying as indicated by net long positions at the CFTC.

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