Posted 21st July 2023

Gold Price News: Gold Remains Buoyant Ahead of Busy Corporate Earnings Season

gold remains buoyant ahead corporate earnings

Gold looks set for another weekly gain even with today’s slight dip in the price as investors remain keen to hold on to their golden safety blanket as the latest round of corporate earnings starts to gain pace.

The next week should provide a much clearer indication of the true health of the global economy with the Federal Reserve announcing its latest interest rate decision as well as the results of a whole slew of major corporates. So far, market confidence has been very fragile and this has kept gold well supported, even with the Fed set to hike rates again next week. 

gold price kinesis exchange 3 months
Kinesis gold ($/oz) – 3-month view – from Kinesis Exchange

The signs now are that the Fed’s highly anticipated increase for July may prove to be the final one of the current cycle as traders have dialled down expectations of another hike in September and this too is keeping the price of gold buoyant. 

How long gold can continue to trade at such historically high levels will be determined by how positive this round of earnings proves. If the results show that companies are successfully battling inflation and interest rate pressures then market confidence may finally pick up and interest in gold fade. If however, they show an economy struggling and heading for recession, then gold can remain well supported for a while yet.

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