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Kinesis x Wall Street Silver Christmas Competition

Terms & Conditions The competition is open to all eligible WallStreetSilver community members globally, and runs from the moment of publication December 1st, 2022 until 23:59 (GMT), December 31st, 2022. The total quantity of prizes available is as stated: Prize 1: 1 x 100oz Kinesis Silver Cast BarPrize 2: 20 x 100g Kinesis Themis Silver Bar Prize 3: 100 x 1oz Kinesis Ma’at Silver Coin Prize 4: 100 x 1 Kinesis silver (KAG) Competition entry requirements In order to be eligible for the Kinesis Silver Prize under this competition, a community member must:New users 1. Be subscribed to the official WallStreetSilver Reddit community group. 2. Sign up for the Kinesis platform via the dedicated Kinesis competition page. 3. Verify their Kinesis account with identity verification. Existing Kinesis users WSS members who already signed up to the Kinesis platform prior to the competition, simply need to fill out the form on the competition page and ensure they have ID verified their account. The specific conditions for each prize The grand prize Prize 1: 100oz Kinesis Silver Cast Bar The competitor is required to refer a minimum of 5 referees onto the Kinesis platform, of whom each is required to ID verify their Kinesis account. The winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries, and will be notified via the official WSS Reddit and YouTube channel 7 days after the official end date December 31st of the Competition.Weekly prizesContestants are permitted to compete for the weekly prizes every week. There is no restriction on the amount of times a competitor may enter each weekly competition. Prize 2: 100g Kinesis Themis Silver Bar The contestant must post a festive picture or video of their silver on the WallStreetSilver subreddit and use the competition flair ‘Kinesis & WSS Xmas Competition’. Multiple Festive Silver posts are allowed per contestant.The top 5 winning posts will be selected by WSS and Kinesis each week. The selection is at the discretion of WSS and Kinesis. Prize 3: 1oz Kinesis Ma’at Silver Coin The contestant must post a silver-related tweet from their Twitter account and tag the Kinesis Twitter account: @KinesisMonetary, the WSS twitter account: @WallStreetSilv and use the hashtags #WSSChristmasCompetition and #KinesisMoney. The 25 winners will be randomly selected each week - 1 prize per contestant. Prize 4: 100 x 1 Kinesis silver (KAG) The contestant must make a purchase(s) using Kinesis Silver (KAG) with the Kinesis Virtual Card. The competitor who has spent the most physical silver in any given week, will be rewarded with the KAG Silver reward. The Kinesis Virtual Card is available in over 60 countries across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia & Oceania and Latin America. Please note: the card is not currently available in the US, so US citizens will be unable to compete for prize 4. The 25 entrants who spend the most silver each week will each be awarded 1 KAG each - 1 prize per contestant Sign up bonusEligible competition entrants will who meet the below criteria will receive 0.5 KAG deposited into their account: A new referred user is required to fully verify their identity through the verification process, outlined in this article. A new referred user must either:A: Spend $100 dollars on their Kinesis Virtual CardOrB: Trade a minimum of $3000 in KAU, KAG or any crypto-asset on the Kinesis Exchange. Any deposit amount can be used in order to reduce the number of trades required to reach the total trade volume requirement. For example, $100 will need to be traded a minimum of 30 times in order to reach the $3000 threshold. Once these steps are completed, the new user will be credited with 0.5 KAG (½ oz of silver). Summary By entering the competition you agree to the Kinesis Wall Street Silver Christmas Competition Terms and Conditions. Winners will be announced on a weekly basis for prizes 2, 3 and 4 on the Wall Street Silver YouTube show and WSS Reddit.A quarter of the prize total will be given away each week: 5 of the 100g Kinesis Themis Silver Bar, 25 of the 1oz Kinesis Ma’at Silver Coins, and 25 x 1 Kinesis silver (KAG). Further requirements It is free for WSS members to enter the competition. Contestants must be at least 18 years old on the date of their entry. Please allow 14 days after the announcement to receive physical bullion prizes Multiple entries per competitor are accepted, however, one competitor can only be awarded the Kinesis Silver Prize on a single occasion, and will not be considered in the competition if he/she has already been selected and awarded as the winner in the past. In signing up, contestants agree to the content of their winning post being posted on the organisers’ social media profiles for promotional purposes. Kinesis, as the organiser, takes no responsibility for any entries which are delayed, illegible, corrupted, incomplete or otherwise invalid. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Kinesis’ liability in connection with this competition shall be limited to delivering the allotted Kinesis Silver Prize. Kinesis shall not be liable for any indirect expense, loss or damage suffered by a participant. Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and not exchangeable for paper currency. The contact details of the winner, including name, address, email and phone number must be provided to the organiser if requested, to enable the delivery of the silver bullion/coin or silver currency (KAG) transfer into the winner’s Kinesis account. In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the organisers’ reasonable control or breach of the conditions from the competitor’s side, the organiser reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the competition, either partially or in whole, with short notice. Please note that Kinesis may alter the Kinesis Wall Street Silver Christmas Competition terms at any time at its discretion, whereby it would communicate this decision via email, its website and the WallStreetSilver Reddit group.

Latifa Alkhanjary
Latifa Alkhanjary