The Kinesis Velocity Token.

Rewarding holders with a 20% proportionate share on all transactions generated by the Kinesis system.

A passive income that grows, as we grow

Imagine every time someone purchases a coffee or pays for travel, you are rewarded in gold and silver.

Each time Kinesis currencies are sent or spent, a transaction fee is applied. These fees are accumulated and 20% is proportionately distributed back to the KVT holders, paid monthly in KAU & KAG.

Why KVT?

20% Yield

20% proportionate share of the combined fee pool

300,000 Limit

Only 300,000 KVTs will ever exist


KVTs are tradable on the Kinesis Exchange


As the system grows, your KVT yield will grow too.

What is a KVT?

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is an ERC20 utility token which is not based on gold and silver but rather, is attached to the success of the Kinesis Monetary System.

Each time the Kinesis currencies are sent from one wallet address to another, a 20% share of the 0.45% transaction fees are made available to the 300,000 KVTs created.

KVT Calculator

The greater the volume of transactions, the more fees available to KVT holders and the greater the potential KVT value.

Use the KVT calculator to input your values and determine the potential returns.

launch calculator

The KVT yield structure

The most powerful yield structure offered, rewarding holders with a 20% share of all the transaction fees generated by the system.

Learn & Earn

Learn and Earn is an educational series developed to help everyday people understand what the Kinesis system is and the benefits of participating.

There are two ways to participate in the Learn and Earn program:

  • Watch the education series for free at your own leisure with no requirements.
  • Sign up to participate in the program, where each video you watch will be issued with a quiz to assess your level of understanding.

Start Earning

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Hold all of your digital currencies in a single location which is easily accessible and secure.


Trade Kinesis KAU and KAG for traditional currencies or cryptocurrencies securely.

Debit Card

Provides the ability to spend digital currencies at point of sale anywhere in the world.


Create your own Kinesis gold and silver digital currencies by converting your fiat and cryptocurrency.