Making silver money again.

Kinesis gives people everywhere the freedom to use silver as money. Buy, sell & spend silver with Kinesis - the platform reintroducing sound money to the global economy.

  • 100,000+ community worldwide
  • $150M+ assets under management
  • 151 countries

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The money of the people.

Kinesis harnesses the power of blockchain technology to make spending and saving in allocated physical silver possible for everyone. Manage your money with silver on a simple desktop or mobile platform - with your assets, held in your name, at all times.

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All bullion held in Kinesis vaults meets LBMA Good Delivery standards.

Fully allocated Insured storage Take delivery anytime Legal ownership 10+ years’ experience

Buy, sell and store silver at the lowest costs globally.

Kinesis brings you the best price for silver across five continents.

Enjoy the security of physical silver, without paying unfair premiums or monthly vaulting fees.

We don’t charge you for storage as we use the global vaults of our parent company, ABX - a leading institutional exchange that’s looked after the precious metals of institutions for over 10 years.

We invite you to compare our pricing with anyone.
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Set to launch
Early 2022

Spend money, not dollars.

The Kinesis debit card lets you spend physical silver - and gold or crypto - in real-time, bringing the true value of precious metals to your everyday spending. 

Kinesis restores your right to use real money: silver bullion, held in vaults across the world, in your name.

Enjoy the peace of mind of secure asset ownership, only instantly converting your silver to cash, at the time of purchase.

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